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Muli Musyoka:The Hair loss doctor

My Man
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Is hair loss giving you sleepless nights and robbing you of your self-esteem? Perhaps you need a date with trichologist MULI MUSYOKA, writes GARDY CHACHA

The last time we met, your hair was the same style and the same height. What did you do to it?

I trim it often. I know where to keep it. Hair is my business so I have to look after mine too.

People become doctors, lawyers, engineers: your turn comes and you chose hairdressing. Why?

To me hair is a calling. I don’t only treat hair loss; I am involved in many other aspects of the hair industry in Kenya. I strongly believe that there is a reason why God put me here. When I am working with ladies, I feel like I am influencing how they feel about themselves.

Were your parents pissed off with ‘hairdressing’?

When I said ‘I want to do hairdressing’ my mom got sick. She was the first one I told. I asked her to let dad know that it was what I wanted to pursue. My parents always hoped that I would be a legal person.

I think mom just thought of the salon – one room with three gossiping women – and couldn’t accept that it was where her son wanted to go. Of course that view was a distortion of facts.

What exactly is trichology?

To a large extent, fixing hair loss conditions; like alopecia. Majority of my patients want to have fuller heads. In a nutshell, hair transplants.

At what point did you decide to venture in hair transplant?

After graduating from hairdressing school, I worked for a manufacturing firm. I traveled a lot around East Africa while on the job. That’s when I saw the gap in hair loss. I went to Australia and studied to be a trichologist and here I am today.

It sounds like you were really into hair. Could it have been that you were a ladies man?

No (chuckles). I have never been a ladies man. In fact, I never exactly set forth to be a hairdresser. At first, I was looking for modeling courses when I met a lady who suggested that I could be better at hairdressing.

Well, because of my profession I see many ladies but I think gynaecologists see more than I do.

Are you married?

Not yet. Hopefully I will soon. Before you want to be married you should be sure that your partner is one you can thrive together even when hardships come. I just turned 30. By 32 I should be settling down.

She will probably have lots of hair?

Not necessarily. My deal breaker is personality. But she will definitely be of African origin. She will be God-fearing. Even if she has short hair like mine there are other important things that will override that.

What of a woman whose style is total baldness?

I don’t prefer bald girls. But that is just my preference. As long as we can grow the hair back, we can work around that. Unless she just wants to maintain the bald.

You look like you would date a diva...

I have a lot of disrespect for ladies who dress scantily and in very tight things. My kind of woman is mature and confident in herself. So, a diva is never: I have a lot of respect for myself. I am not saying that you wear something that sweeps the road – it just has to be something that does not reek of desperation.

Grapevine has it that ladies think you are cute. Does that make it easy for you in the dating game?

(Laughs) Good looking is relative. It is just an opinion. If they say that, thank God. Unfortunately though, when my patients walk in, the form they fill has no question on whether they want a ‘good-looking’ trichologist or not.

So, whenever you are not at the clinic fiddling with a woman’s head – or hair – where are you likely to be and what would you be doing?

Correction: I also receive male clients. That said, aside from Hair hub, I do consultancy, I give motivational talks and lecture too. I play soccer between 4 and 5pm. I love cooking and I rear German shepherd dogs.

You always look well put together. How meticulous is your grooming?

When you are dealing with ladies you have to look good and smell nice. But then, grooming is not just for professionals. I believe everyone should look after themselves and present well. It is disrespectful to walk into a meeting with smelly shoes or armpits. It helps one put themselves together.

Your classic pick-up line?

When it comes to dating I am very easy. I try to feel relaxed so that the lady will know me for who I am. I don’t have one specific magic statement. And definitely none of those funny lines I have heard.

You have never told a lady you look tall because you are sitting on your wallet?

That is a cheap line. And I am tall when I am standing.

Finish the statement: You won’t catch me dead...

Drinking alcohol.

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