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The naked truth about showing too much skin



In any organised work system appraisals are administered periodically to evaluate performance and assess whether the workers are improving in skills and quality of delivery. The key word is periodically.

When a new skill set is introduced or knowledge is rolled out, workers must be given time to learn it, internalise and be able to implement before the result can be measured. It would be absolutely counterproductive to threaten employees with tests every day without offering the necessary tools for improvement.

In our daily lives, the man represents the worker while society in the neutral observer.

The woman doubles up as both the employer and the actual job. We also represent the training and development department whose role is to gauge effectiveness of various employees (read men). We can do that as frequently as we desire because even if our method is professionally ineffective, we are here to stay because we also own the playing field.

While men are known to make top CEOs at the workplace, a recent study has exposed them to be flopping terribly where it matters most.

Society, as an independent observer is struggling to string together a report on the causes of underperformance of the man.

Back to my point about testing our men's effectiveness. Compared to the countryside where female nudity is still sacred, the women in the city walk almost naked.

As a result, so much nakedness surrounds the city man that eventually kills his sexual excitement. It is like bombarding an employee with assessments without offering them time to study and anticipate the examination. They get numb. They lose interest. They stop caring.

Visual creatures

Science explains that for men to be able to rise up to the occasion and deliver where it matters most, it starts with what they see.

A typical city man interacts with so much nudity that there's nothing a wife can present at home that can impress the overstretched threshold of his brain sexual receptors.

A gorgeous wife strolling around the house in a nightdress presents nothing compared to the female colleagues that come to work pantyless and sit carelessly across the desk teasing men with a glimpse of the real organ.

As such, the men have their sexual receptors stretched beyond the elastic limit. No amount of teasing from a wife can match his daytime exposure to thongs showing above the skirt.

Come to think of it, why do city women get serviced by drivers, house boys and guards plucked straight out of the village? It is because these men are the few whose thirst for a woman is still normal. The truth is that they are the only few men who still get an erection at the beach from the sight of bikinis.

And, so when rural men are appraised, they deliver splendidly because they have a heightened tension to sit the exam they have been looking forward to pass.

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