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Five foods you can eat after a workout session

 Your post workout meal is crucial because your muscles and tissues need the right nutrients for that repair process to take place [Courtesy, everydayhealth]

If you work out often, one of the most important things you should be doing is maintaining a healthy diet. It is a fact that what you eat impacts your progress and health in general which is why clean eating will always be the focus of healthy living.

Generally, people often prefer to eat after a workout, rather than before. Your post workout meal is crucial because your muscles and tissues need the right nutrients for that repair process to take place.

There are lots of healthy options to choose from for your post workout meal but on this list, you will find some of the best you need to take into consideration.


Eggs are known to be a top choice when it comes to nutritional meals. They are a healthy source of fats and proteins, which are good for our everyday functioning.

Eggs also come with great benefits if you exercise often. The high quality protein in eggs is beneficial for muscle building, and the healthy fats help with glycogen replenishing as well. They are also very filling so you will feel full and energized after a tough workout session.

 Eggs are a healthy source of fats and proteins [Courtesy, Jessica Gavin]

You could eat them boiled or even prepare an omelet with other nutritious veggies for an extra health kick.

Peanut butter sandwich

Peanut butter also has a combination of healthy fats and protein. This is a powerful duo that is necessary for repair after doing any type of workout.

Besides these perks, peanut butter has properties that help keep your heart healthy. This is a snack that you can have after a morning workout or in the afternoon when you need to be on the move after a session.


Fish, like salmon and tilapia, are a popular post-workout meal that people often go for. They are considered safer than red meats which have a high cancer risk, and they contain the same if not more nutritional perks when compared to other types of meats.

What makes fish a good meal to have after exercising is, they contain high quality protein. And as you know, good quality protein is essential for muscle strength and replenishing.

You can have some fish with brown rice to restore your carbs, and vegetables on the side.


Oats are easily one of the best breakfast meals to have after a morning workout. They take about ten minutes to prepare so they won’t throw off your schedule and, they have some powerful health benefits too.

Oats are rich in anti-inflammatory properties for you muscles, plus they also have an abundance of healthy carbs to give you some energy. You can prepare your oats with some milk and fruits for added benefits.

 Oats are easily one of the best breakfast meals to have after a morning workout [Courtesy, Veggie Inspired]

Bean stew

A good serving of beans can also be an option for you. They are a healthy source of plant protein and they come with extra benefits like complex carbs as well. This will help to build more muscle, supply energy and nourish your entire body.

You could simply prepare a basic bean stew to have with some rice or learn new and interesting recipes that will guide you on how to prepare beans in different ways.

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