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Nine types of drinking glasses you should have in your kitchen


When you are trying to decide on what type of drinking glasses to buy, everything can get way too overwhelming. They come in different sizes and shapes which clouds your decision making.

What you should know, however, is that there should be different glasses for different drinks.

Using a red wine glass to drink water is a grievous mistake! Bring the classy and knowledgeable experience to your home by knowing what glass suits which drink.

Shot glass

If you hold parties that make the vodka bottles go empty everytime, these glasses are a must have.

The shot glass is a small one which fits between your thumb and middle finger.

It's effective in serving vodka and other undiluted forms of alcohol that don't need too many additions.

Be warned that taking more than two shots is meant to take you on the high side, pun intended.

Beer mug

Beer mugs are a fancy addition to your glass list as they give you an opportunity to enjoy nearly a whole bottle of beer in the mug.

These glasses are hardy and come in a huge size which isn't easily breakable. The handle is easy to use as it fits your fingers well.

Red wine glass

Now, owning this glass will elevate your kitchen status. The red wine glass has a beautiful stem and a round base. It's perfect for serving the red wine, and holds it in a balance.

The larger bowl present in this glass allows the wine to last longer as you get to sip slowly.

White wine glass

Slightly smaller than the red wine glass, this one also has a shorter stem. This doesn't mean that you'll be served less wine though.

Their small mouth will make the flavor retrained and does not oxidate easily.

This glass is also fragile and can crack often. Because of this, you need to store these with a lot of caution.

Flute glass

Still in the wine glasses category, this one has a small surface area. It is narrow and long, meant for serving some champagne and sparkling wine. A toast to that!

Pint glass

They have a circular base and cylindrical shape at the bottom up. You can serve cider and beer in this too.

Martini glass

If you love making frozen cocktails, this one is a good addition. It is double-bowl shaped glass because you'll realize that the upper part can serve liqueurs and the bottom solid ingredients.

Snifter glass

This snifter has a short stem with a large mouth. You can easily swirl your drink with ease and enjoy the smell.


Buy this for serving your juices, punch or water. They are hardy and don't break often.

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