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5 annoying Facebook habits you need to break


Facebook is no doubt one of the world’s biggest information chamber. You will find anything from the latest breaking news, outdated memes to political rants that can leave you feeling offended.

If you don’t want to be like those annoying users who bombard your timeline with useless junk, it is best you also dropped some of these irritating habits. You must differentiate yourself from such or you will fall into the hordes of unfriended and blocked users in the world’s largest social media platforms.

To watch those likes start to sky rocket, here are bad Facebook habits you need to drop now.

Attention seeking statuses

Especially practiced by wannabe socialites who post half naked photos or others who post every little drama that happens in their life, that type of oversharing is a fast way to lose friends. This childish behavior could also be the reason you don’t get a job in future.

Love messages

Constantly declaring love to your better half on Facebook is a low and attention seeking behavior that many will celebrate when it’s over. Love is a beautiful thing that should be cherished but putting it all over on everyone’s face is annoying.

Asking for shares

If you’re on social media then you have at one point experienced guilt tripping people who send you ‘share if you care’ and ‘copy paste to 10 people blablabla’ posts. This is not only time wasting but very manipulative behavior.

Trying to sell to friends

Nowadays everyone has something to sell and they will throw it on your face without any decorum or a care in the world to almost coerce you into buying. What’s worse is you don’t like their ugly shoes or overpriced beauty products and you can’t tell them so what do you do? Cut ties. Simple as that.

Adding people to groups

Just because you have interest and love recipes doesn’t mean everyone else does too. Adding people on social media is one of the most annoying features that people abuse. Before adding people to whatever ‘beneficial’ group you have created, common sense calls for asking them first.

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