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3 reasons why relationships enter 'survival mode'


We are all human beings from different races and backgrounds, and when two people come together to share love, the first experience is termed as the best. But with time, as it grows their attitudes determine whether they will be together forever or separate in the long run.

Have you ever got to a point in your relationship where you felt like giving up? Living a solitude life? Or you’re thinking why so much happens to you where you gave in too much and never received anything good in return? You get to only feel the love of your partner during anniversaries, because it’s a routine that has to be remembered .But then you decide to create a survival environment where you alone knows about it.

Allow me use the term survival, that is often used in dying relationships or among broken hearts that can’t let go where they feel they are not wanted. People tend to survive in different ways when it comes to relationships: Some people survive and can’t talk about it, some survive and go silent and some survive and create a new beginning. I believe everyone deals with unimaginable pain in their own way, and everyone is entitled to that without judgment.

I have been observing since the day I started the relationship stage, watching my friends, close relatives and let me not leave myself behind because in my own way I once survived with love issues. What I have learnt is the magic is not in getting into a relationship, the magic is in staying in it. Even with its strength, flaws and weaknesses you still cope with each other not by surviving but by understanding each other in the best ways possible.

The reasons for creating a survival environment are not between two imperfect couples that are so perfect but it is in engaging into a relationship with different reasons which can be:

• To fit in the relationship age gap; one has to force a serious relationship at a specific age due to desperation.

• For consolation purpose either from a heartbreak which is one main thing people tend to implement in their lives today.

• The “I feel so empty” a statement used by many that make them end up accepting anyone flirting with them at that moment of their crisis.

I will not explain deeply into these main reasons but I wish to ask you a few questions, don’t you want to feel real love within you? Do you want to be respected even with your flaws? Do you want to feel wanted but that special being in your life? And when you get the answers as they cross through the back of your mind no matter how long it takes I hope and pray that one day you will make a choice to be patient and wait for real and true love to come your way.

So the next time you look at someone’s life covetously, remember you may not want to endure what they are enduring right now. They sit so quietly before you looking like a calm ocean on a sunny day smiling and telling you their happy moments with their partner and you feel so empty because you don’t 

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