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How to apply henna dye


Henna dye is a plant extract that has been used for thousands of years. The green powder is safe and is also readily available, making it a popular hair colour.

Henna colour, once applied on the hair is transparent in nature, thus it provides a coating, not a permanent feel. Its nature allows the reddish tinge to appear out bright in sunlight.

The powder is soluble and thus easily mixes with water making it easy to uniformly coat the hair. Mixing the powder with acidic liquids makes the reddish colour appear even more deepened.

Used regularly, it adds thickness on the hair shafts, making it look fuller. It coats the hair strand and protects it from breaking.


So how do you use it?

• Shampoo your hair before applying henna. Do not apply conditioner, as this will make the henna not sit properly.

• Mix the powder with water in a bowl until it offers a mud-like consistency; and it is ready for application.

• Apply henna on semi-wet hair. Section your hair and apply it using a brush or your fingertips. Henna use on the hair can get a bit messy; you thus require gloves when applying it. Apply Vaseline around the face; the forehead, ears and neck before you apply the dye so that it does not stain your skin.

• The dye takes a bit of time to set depending on how vibrant you want it to be. Once you apply it, wrap your hair in a shower cap for about one to six hours for the colour to develop depending on the vibrancy you want.

• Wash off the henna until the rinsing water runs clear through the hair then apply hair conditioner generously.

• Avoid blow-drying your hair on the same day and avoid washing it two days after henna application.

• Avoid using any other hair colour on your hair after applying henna.


When can you use it?

• If you have grey hair that you want to camouflage.

• You want to nourish your hair.

• You need a tinge of colour.

• Henna is a natural sunscreen and will thus protect your hair from the sun.

• You have dandruff or a minor scalp infection but want to colour your hair.


Avoid henna if:

• Your hair is excessively dry since it also causes a bit of dryness.

• If your hair is less than two months since you coloured it; henna will not sit on the old dye.

• Your hair is light coloured naturally; the results may be full of drama!

• Your hair is largely grey; the outcome is an ugly looking orange colour.

• Your scalp is severely infected. See your dermatologist first.

Photo: www.mynaturalblackhair.com



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