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How to utilise console tables in your home


Console tables are multitasking modern-day furniture that provides the much-needed display space in your home. The standard table is long and narrow, and most people will place it on the entryway.

These tables also make for strong design focal points, be it in the foyer, living room, or bedroom. Console tables offer a place to showcase your collections and add visual interest to a space. The tables can be found in most furniture shops or you can have a fundi custom-make one for you. Ensure it fits your space well.

Whatever your reason for having a console table in your space, there are many ways in which you can utilise it:

Displaying photographs: Console tables have large, flat surfaces that make them ideal to display pictures.  For an awesome look, choose frames of similar colours but in different styles and sizes. This way, it will look more organised. The large frames should be displayed at the back to make all the photographs easier to see.

Organiser: If you display your console at the entryway, allow your personality to shine through the items you display on it. Hang a mirror at eye level above it; then put your other decorative items on it. You could put a large wicker basket under the table for storage and also to add interest to the table.

TV stand: Some people prefer using the console table as a stand for their flat screen televisions. You could create a gallery wall behind the TV by hanging artwork. Place some colourful vases on either sides of the set to complete the look.

Lamps: Place lamps on the console, especially if it is on the entryway. It will offer lighting for the space. 

Similar items: To get a powerful punch from your console table, group pieces that are similar together. This also allows you to accomplish less with more.

Height:  Vary the heights of the items displayed to keep your table interesting and unpredictable. Place on it items that are of various levels and heights to add layers of visual interest and appeal. You could arrange items symmetrical by evenly balancing on both sides of the table for a more formal look. Asymmetrical arrangement, on the other hand, is more casual –place a lamp on the table alongside randomly placed objects.

Colours:  It is always a good idea to stick to a colour palette on your console table, but you could also be adventurous and use a variety of hues on the items you display.

Personality: Like earlier stated, this is your opportunity to display your personality. Ensure the table is neat and organised. You could stack interesting books under a unique flowerpot. Add a couple of your favourite collections to keep your personality alive.

Console tables may also serve as sideboards in the dining room. You thus need to keep its function in mind as you decorate. The table can also be an anchor to your room, especially if you hand a large mirror above it. If your table is behind a sofa, combine function and style as you decorate it. Photo: blog.styleestate.com

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