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Be a perceptive traveller this holiday

Leisure and Travel
 Be a perceptive traveller this holiday (Photo: iStock)

Becoming a travel pro is a process that is built gradually. It comes with interesting lessons such as missed transport – train, buses, flights, or a mismatched taxi ride, wrong hotel bookings and many more.

It is a learning process, and here are some tips to help bring you up to speed.

Quickly identify the pros: Learn to identify business travellers, catch up with them and stay right behind. Business travellers are usually well organised and always want to be the first in clearing the booking procedures. They know the drill effectively. Line up behind or close to them as much as you are able to. You will learn a lot of handy tips from them. Just as important, try to queue or stay behind families. Families (including yours) carry along a lot of luggage, which makes them take forever, though it is not their fault.

Look for upgrades: If your accommodation falls short of expectations. Do not be afraid to mention this and ask for an upgrade. In most cases, the facility can offer you an upgrade, even without you asking, especially if the hotel is not full. Just learn to be tactful when asking for this, without making it look like a demand or an entitlement. 

Document your experience: In today’s technology era, it is much easier to document, record and save your experiences in applications that help you fall back on your experiences whenever you need them. If you are limited in technology, always ensure you carry a journal and a pen to document your travels. You could use your travel applications or journal to write down important information like directions, contacts, and cultural tips. 

Staying within budget: If you are on a low budget, make it a general rule to avoid eating at the airport, railway, or a port restaurant as prices here will be exorbitant. Avoid the departure and arrival eateries, walk at least five blocks away in either direction and find a place to eat. Experts say, the closer you are to tourist attractions the more you will pay and the worse the food and service will be. 

Plan ahead: Most importantly, do a lot of research on your travel. Pack two days before travelling and travel light. More importantly, learn to not over plan your trip.


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