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How to have bae-cation when you travel with kids

Leisure and Travel

For many, travel, fun and kids just don’t add up. And I don’t blame you for cringing at the thought of running around with kids while on holiday. Truth is, traveling with children is daunting. As long as kids are there you cannot do without worrying about this, that or the other.

While you may want to skip the trip altogether or go without the little ones, would you rather stay at home or have them miss a lifetime opportunity for new experiences? Doubt it.

Nothing beats the quality family time and lifetime of memories you will get to create with those you love and closest to you. No matter how overwhelming it may be, you can still steal a few moments to be just the two of you and enjoy each other’s company. This is how.

Book early flights

To avoid delays and long waits, book flights that are less crowded. Being an early flight, all your kids will want to do at that point is sleep. This will give you enough time to rest and catch up with your spouse as you head to your destination. Depending on how long the flight is and how tired the kids are, the kids are likely to fall asleep once you arrive at the hotel. This will give you some time to let some steam off.

Keep the kids engaged

Bored kids will give you no peace. If you must, pack some activity and reading books, toys, puzzles, video games etc to keep them busy when you’re spending a lazy afternoon in the hotel. While they’re keeping themselves entertained this will give you some time to hang out and enjoy a glass or two of wine.

Breakdown the trip to them

When kids are confused and overwhelmed they tend to be cranky, moody and unhappy. Avoid this especially if it is their first time to travel by telling them what to expect. In simple words help them understand the process in the airport, what to expect on the plane and hotel. This negates a lot of questions too.

Lay some ground rules

Now that you want to steal a few special moments with your spouse, your kids need to understand it is a baecation too. Let them know that at a certain time, mummy and daddy will go out for a drink or a stroll at the beach. This can happen after they go to bed or early morning before they rise.

Book separate rooms

Many at times parents will want to share rooms with their children. Don’t be tempted. You need some space and time alone to enjoy each other’s company uninterrupted. Don’t let that sexy lingerie go to waste. Let the kids sleep nearby but not in the same room.

Be intentional on spending time alone

Surprise your partner by booking a session in the spa or a romantic candle lit dinner for two at one of the hotel’s restaurants. Not only will it give you both a break from the pack, but you will get to enjoy an intimate experience just the two of you.

Allow kids to play

Let kids be kids. Don’t expect them to not want to play just because you’re away from home. Book hotels with play areas, swimming pools and minders. The more they play the more they get tired. This means you will not struggle to put them to bed leaving you with more than enough time to enjoy a nice quiet night.

Don’t spend too much

You do not have to go on every excursion. This especially if you have young children. They may be too young to understand and appreciate. So skip that, enjoy what the hotel and surroundings have to offer and buy each other special gifts instead. Keep the souvenirs small and wearable. Things break or get lost while in transit. So you want to gift each other something you can wear almost always like a piece of jewellery. As for the kids, distract them with frozen yogurt or a cheap activity they can do and still enjoy.

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