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The pleasure of ‘nyama kwa nyama’ during sex can kill you

Lady Speak
 Condoms are a lot like democracy; they're not perfect, but they're the best form of (genital) government we've got; so yeah, no glove, no love

Men like to kick up a fuss when it is time to wrap up their tools to do the nasty. In this day and age, a good deal of women still have to squabble with their men every time they want to get down and dirty, simply because they insist on hitting it bareback.

The fact that you met him just two hours prior to the carnal encounter notwithstanding, a man’s libidinous brain is always lobbying to go without. Perhaps the most universal truth shared by men across the globe is that they loathe wearing condoms.

 Some even claim that they lose their erection when they stop mid action to suit up. Some of the drawbacks of condom sex as explained by these men are valid, some reasonable, while others are just downright ridiculous. It is said that condoms are a lot like democracy; they’re not perfect, but they’re the best form of (genital) government we’ve got.

The following are some of the lame excuses men come up with to try and hit it raw.

It feels better without

Newsflash, women too love the delicious un-latexed feeling during sex. Oh, the divine slippery feel of skin on skin! Absolutely to die for! No pun intended. Granted, apart from protecting you from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancies, condoms are also terribly effective at restricting pleasure, spontaneity and emotional intimacy.

But think of the alternative. You know what else doesn’t feel good? Penile warts, gross urethral discharge, burning during urination and child support, among other horrifying consequences. In any case, there are loads of pleasure-enhancing condom varieties out there, like ultra-thin or ribbed rubbers that can feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

I’m clean

Another common strategy for men seeking commando sex is the self-reported clean bill of health. Most men assume that since they don’t have any symptoms and everything seems normal down there, they are clean. Just because a person looks healthy doesn’t mean you can ditch the rubber. A lot of STIs are asymptomatic in men.

Just because he says he is clean doesn’t mean he is. Unless he has been tested by a doctor, do not take his word for it. STIs, like HIV, HPV, chlamydia and herpes can go years without showing any signs or symptoms. Then there is the whole unwanted pregnancy thing to worry about.

It will kill the mood

So, apparently taking a few seconds off to suit up has detrimental effects on a hard-on. It is an unnecessary interruption that a lot of men could do without. What a load of baloney! They always complain about it killing the mood, yet they are moaning in pleasure in no time at all once they get back on the ride. Others claim that it will take them longer to get off with a condom on.

That is not exactly the worst thing in the world. I understand that the last thing you need when eager to engage in a lustful rendezvous is stopping to put on the dreaded, weird smelly latex ring. But hey, no glove, no love. Period.

I’ll pull out

This is another pathetic excuse men use to slip out of wearing protection during sex and by far the most ridiculous. It is both horribly irresponsible and stupid. Ever heard of pre-cum? Yeah, it is a real thing and women can get pregnant and catch diseases even if you use the withdrawal method.

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