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5 Pillars every young woman needs to thrive

Lady Speak
 Photo; Courtesy

Sometime this month, I had a rare opportunity to spend quality time with a highly respected woman of God. The lady whose name I will not disclose because she cherishes her privacy; is a respected figure in religious and corporate circles because of her wealth of wisdom, knowledge and understanding on matters life.

In my one hour lunch date, this influential woman shared with me gems on her secrets to success in all aspects of her life. I gathered truckloads of life-changing gems, but today I will share the five pillars every young woman needs to thrive as shared to me by this phenomenal woman:

1. Spiritual mentor:

 “My daughter we are spiritual beings and owing to that, we need spiritual nourishment,” the woman opened up our conversation as we made our lunch orders.

“To connect to that source of power, it takes more than going to church. Your spiritual mentor is the person who will help walk you through your spiritual life to ensure you are growing and thriving in your faith,” she shared.

And to get a mentor, you need not look very far, she said. Your local church is a great place to start, she advised as she enjoyed her bread and soup.

2. Career mentor:

“Young lady, iron sharpens iron,” she reminded me.

To soar great heights in your career, you need a giant to show you the ropes of the game.

“You said you are in the NGO world? Identify a woman in that field whom you admire and can have access to. Even your boss. Approach her and request her if she can mentor you. Yes it sounds outrageous, but just try and you will thank me later,” she went on as she delicately ate her salad.

3. Inner circle:

“Do you have a group of sisters who you pray with and study the Bible with?” she inquired with a note of seriousness.

“No, I just pray with my husband and kids,” I defended myself as I softly chewed the soft lamb.

“Daughter you need an inner circle of women who you can wake up at 2am to stand with you in prayer when you are in a crisis. Two sisters is good enough. Life is full of storms, my daughter, you need a shield of sisters to cover you and your family from such attacks,” she said as she dug into her lamb chops.

4. Role model:

 You want to succeed, I know it sounds cliché but you need to identify a role model, a figure you look up to.

After identifying that character be it your mother or Oprah Winfrey, study their life principles and ape them.

Finally for a bonus point, as we devoured our desert, she concluded, “Want to broaden your mind and spruce up your life? Get into a book club with a few of your girlfriends,” she said. “Meet as often as you can to discuss great books savoring words together as if they were spoonful of crème brulee, luxuriating in every perfect sentence.” That was an afternoon well spent.


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