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My nasty encounter with a 3-year-old boy

Lady Speak

I know every mother would do anything to protect their children and portray them as the best, even when they are clearly straying. A mother’s love can be equated to none, but then again, if it overlooks the little mistakes children make in life, it can be disastrous.

Last weekend, I visited a long time friend who has a three-year-old son whom she has literary spoilt with love. I could feel it from the moment I set my foot inside her house.

I had this designer handbag that coincidentally resembled my friend’s, that handbag marked the beginning of my torture in the hands of the boy.

First, he grabbed it from my laps and started shouting at me to give back his mother’s handbag.

At first, I gave him a wide smile and said, “Hii sio ya mummy”. That did not calm his nerves, he kept pulling it hysterically from me as I looked at his mother with eyes crying out for help, which never came.

Eventually, the mother asked me to give him the bag to maintain peace in the house. Seriously? Surrender my bag to the toddler to maintain peace? I might have given in to her request but I was so traumatised. The boy started ransacking my bag and before we knew it, my Samsung S5 had given their concrete wall a high five! My screen cracked!

I swear I felt like slapping the boy using my tablet, which I held tightly in my arms but I held not just my tears, but my horses too.

The worst part is that the mother did not even do a single thing to discipline the boy, instead she smiled at the boy, made a monkey face at him and said, “Boo boo boo, monkey will eat you if you break another phone, OK Daddy?” That monkey should have been eating him already!

I angrily grabbed my bag from the boy and held it tight in my arms amidst his screams. His mother calmed him down just as I was taking another sip of the fresh mango juice I had been offered.

He then left his mother’s arms and came straight for my juice and took a sip. I did not have a problem with that, but what followed next almost made me walk out in protest. He spat the juice back into my glass in her mother’s full glare!

Still, she did not do a thing. To make it worse, she tried convincing me to drink the juice since her son was just a baby and his saliva wasn’t poisonous! Catch me dead taking another sip!

Children are a blessing from God, the sweetest beings on earth, but sometimes we take them astray in the name of loving them.

Let us raise our children the right way, even the Bible says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

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