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6 signs your body is too acidic


The reason why you need to keep your body alkaline is because diseases happen in acidic environments and every organ in your body is affected by it.

When your body is too acidic this may result in certain illnesses. Your body’s pH level needs to balance to avoid it from being too acidic or overly alkaline. When the body is too acidic it tends to overuse the minerals in the body such as calcium, potassium and sodium to neutralize the acidity putting your body under strain.

According to the Alternative Daily, if your acidity gets extreme, it is known as acidosis-a condition which requires urgent medical attention. If it is mild, you may not notice a problem at first until you find yourself feeling worse and worse in unexpected ways.

To address the issue early, here are some signs your body may be too acidic.

Feeling fatigued

When you have too much acid in your body you tend to feel more tired even though you get enough sleep. You still tend to be exhausted and worn out.

Often experience headaches

When you have acidity, you experience headaches due to your pH level being low. This is also a sign something is wrong with you body it needs to get checked.

Stomach bloating, gas, indigestion

When you begin to experience gas and your stomach is bloated and you have not eaten much or anything, then you should consider having your pH level checked. It shows that you have too much acidity in your stomach and it causes discomfort and at times it can be painful.

You’re stressed out

Stress levels boost acidity and increase chances of getting ulcers. Stress makes one experience digestive upset and acid is to blame.

You don’t eat enough alkaline foods

Vegetables and fruits contain alkaline. If you do not consume enough it will lower your pH levels and lead to acid forming in your body. You need to consume citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruits which help improve your pH level.

Your hair and nails are brittle

Too much acidity can make your nails break easily and make your hair dry and full of split ends. You need to include greens, fruits and vegetables in your diet to control your pH level. Quit eating processed foods, artificial sweeteners and too much sugar.


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