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Will the gender wars ever stop?

 Will gender wars ever stop? (Photo: iStock)

Like a graph with two contrasting variables, men and women despite being attached like Siamese twins on the hip are bound to live in natural conflict throughout.

Maybe it is how God intended to keep the human ecosystem balanced so that both factions may not only pay attention to each other but also grant a fair opportunity for both to respond to injustices meted by one within the same lifetime.

The only standard difference is that men routinely laugh first while women laugh last in almost all scenarios.

In a new home when the man is grounded among his own people, a woman takes time to settle in and learn the family culture and secrets. In these early stages, she is forced to act submissive and present as weak in order to learn the ropes.

When the tide shifts, the women in their investigative nature unearths all information and is ready to stand tall and argue with the man and his entire clan. At this point, we have children that bear the family blood and we have gradually gained full rights over the property we found in the home as a custodian for our progeny.

Anchored around the children, the political weight of the family naturally shifts to the woman, and the man is reduced to a sojourner in his own home and among his own people. The men race faster, and the women race longer and are more enduring. In their prime, men are the more robust, going out to hunt furthest while the women are tethered around childbearing and family chores. In the process, they eat the finest meals in some of the best hotels offshore while mama watoto and her children feed on crumbs at home.

He also punctuates his isolated visits at home with some exotic females that showcase sophisticated culinary and bedroom antics. You see, at this point in life the primary focus of a woman is the children and she expects the man to understand that she is not in the best of mental states to be creative in presenting carnal information. The natural conflict that appears set to spur implosion is that our men are at their peak of bodily needs at this stage when we are almost entirely overloaded by the weight of young children and worried about our stuttering career stalled by distractions. In our late 40s, when the men are struggling to get up their important appendages for any meaningful engagement, women hit their sexual peak and go all randy. At this point, we are not only buoyed by the hormonal push but also driven by the bitterness to pay back for their earlier sins.

This is how the Ben Ten sector thrives with older women pair bonding with younger men who can travel with them to exotic places and carry them beyond the Columbus cloud visible to the naked eye of an ageing man. Analysing all these points of departure, it becomes unclear if peace was really intended to exist between us and this gender that lacks one rib.

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