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Why you need lemongrass in your diet

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 Other than being sweet lemongrass tea has a number of health benefits (Photo: Courtesy)

The first time I tasted lemongrass tea, I fell in love with its unique taste. This is a plant that is famous in places like India and it’s also grown in popularity right here in Kenya.

Usually, lemongrass is found on the list of herbal teas to try but it can also come in handy for specific dishes. Yes, it tastes good but the real benefits come from its medicinal properties.

This interesting plant has been studied for a while and there have been amazing discoveries when it comes to improving overall health as well as treating different types of conditions.

Once you go through these five benefits, you might consider brewing a cup of lemon grass tea more often or possibly including it on your recipe list soon:

It’s a natural detoxifier

Detoxing is something we hear about all the time but many people still don’t understand why it’s necessary. The main purpose is to restore your body’s full potential because over the years, we store up a lot of toxins that can actually cause serious problems.

Lemongrass will be your detoxing companion because it helps to improve digestive health while also assisting your body to get rid of toxins.

It can ease migraines and headaches

Headaches and migraines can literally ruin your whole day. You can barely concentrate on anything because your entire focus shifts on the annoying aches you’re feeling.

The common way of handling this is taking a pain killer but for some people this isn’t something they would want to go for. Lemongrass can offer you an alternative since it has eugenol which acts as a natural pain reliever.

Both lemongrass tea and essential oils can be your go-to pain medication for headaches and migraines.

 Did you know lemongrass can help manage high blood pressure? (Photo: Courtesy)
It promotes healthy hair and skin

Sadly, there is no magic potion we can drink to have smooth skin and Rapunzel-like hair. But something that can come close to a beauty elixir is herbs like lemongrass.

Adding it to your diet often can help to tackle common skin problems like acne as well as scalp infections. And if you’re trying to just have strong hair, you could benefit too because it helps to reduce hair fall.

It helps manage high blood pressure

Having high blood pressure can be exhausting with all the mediations that come with it. Although lemongrass isn’t a substitute for medication, it can help to prevent a blood pressure spike.

It’s a great natural way to give your body a boost but it’s still important to consult your doctor about this and consume it in moderation.

It can ease anxiety

You can tackle anxiety from different angles but something that could help you along the way is lemongrass. Its aroma has calming properties that can help you feel better if you’re struggling with anxiety.

The tea itself can help you feel more relaxed and the scent eases anxiety as a form of aromatherapy. This is definitely a healthier way of handling anxiety that could help you as you recover.

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