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10 Creative uses for nail polish

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Nail polish is an essential beauty product for most women so much so that she may be reluctant to throw out old polishes and they end up piling up in the house. If you’re wondering what to do with your polishes, here’s how to use them in a totally different way:

1. Seal envelopes:

You’ve run out of glue, and you definitely don’t want to lick those envelopes. Just apply a little clear polish on the inside flap and seal.

2. Prevent jewelery allergies:

Coat the part of the earring that touches your skin with clear nail polish. Wait for it to dry completely and then put on your earrings. You can also do this for rings and anything else that will be close to your skin.

3. Thread a needle:

 For most of us, getting thread through a needle’s eye is a hassle. You can paint the ends of the thread with a little nail polish and it will harden and easily pass through the eye of the needle.

4. Glam up your accessories:

Paint black bobby pins in a different color or with glitter. You can also do this to your phone case, or sunglasses. My daughter believes that her sunglasses are more expensive because they have glitter.

5. Colour code objects:

Such as keys or bottles. If you have similar keys for different doors, paint the top of each key with a different color to simplify your life.

6. Protect costume jewelery:

Prevent your jewelery from changing color by applying a thin coat of clear polish.

7. Refresh old jewelery:

Give your old items a boost of color by applying different shades of polish. Allow the polish to dry and then apply a top-coat.

8. Customize your phone charger:

Mark your charger by coating it with the color of your choice. This will make your charger stand out, thereby minimizing loss or even theft.


9. Stop stockings from running:

 This is one of my favourite uses for nail polishes. Dab a little polish on each end of the run to stop it from spreading. If there’s a hole, dab polish around the hole and it will seal the edges, preventing the run from spreading. You can also stop scarfs, sweaters and socks from fraying in the same way.

10. Refresh old shoes/bags:

You can decorate or even change the color of your shoes and bags. Start by cleaning the area with some rubbing alcohol, and then apply a coat of white polish which will act as a primer. Leave it to dry overnight.

Apply one coat of the desired color and let it dry overnight. Apply a second coat and let it dry for another night. Apply top coat, and then use nail-polish remover to clean up any messes. You can also fix scuffed shoes by applying the same color to fill in the wear and tear.

Which of these have you tried before? I hope these ideas get you thinking creatively.

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