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Secret to finding the perfect hairdresser

 Many women are opting to shave their hair and rely on wigs instead (Photo: iStock)

Finding that perfect hairdresser is every girl's dream. We would all love that stylist who can treat our hair right and make it thrive, but that process isn't always easy.

Many of us have hopped from one hairdresser to another over the years, and are still searching for a good one. At this point, people would rather do their own hair at home because these days, it's becoming harder to find quality service.

When choosing a hairdresser, you definitely shouldn't settle for less. And with these tips, you will be on your way to finding the best hairdresser for you:

Search for some recommendations

Recommendations are probably one of the best and easiest ways of connecting with a hairstylist who does a good job. It's even better if you get one from someone you already know because you can see the results by how well their hair is doing.

If you don't know anyone, make use of social media. You will be able to read reviews and get recommendations online so for sure, this works.

Experiment with different salons

Other times, you can't fully rely on recommendations. The stylist being mentioned might be charging way more than what you had budgeted for and others might just be too far away for you to manage within your schedule.

So, you can choose to look around physically, or even online and go try it out for yourself. However, it would be a good idea to do something simple at first, like a wash and blow-dry instead of something major like a trim that could completely ruin your hair in case it doesn't work out.

Then based on the results and how well they handled your hair you can be able to judge and make a decision.

Gauge with a hairdresser's hair

A hairdresser's hair will tell you all you need to know. It's not always an indication of what to expect, but it's a good way of knowing who you can trust with your own hair.

If you're trying out a potential hairdresser for the first time but notice that their hair is in bad shape, you might need to keep looking. But if their hair is thriving, you will be more comfortable letting them take care of you without any doubts.

Learn your own hair

People often assume that a hairdresser has all the secrets to make their hair thrive. But actually, most of the effort should come from you because everyone's hair is unique.

So, if you don't know what your hair loves, you won't be able to let any hairdresser know what you need. You definitely need to do research and learn about yourself so that your next stylist will complement what you already know.

Don't judge a book by its cover

The other assumption is that an expensive salon equals good service, which isn't always true. In fact, some of the best stylists can be found in humble salons so don't be quick to dismiss affordable ones.

As you search, you might find that the perfect hairdresser who handles your hair with utmost care is in a location you wouldn't expect. Be open-minded and ditch the mentality that good hairdressers can only be found in expensive places.

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