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Beginner’s guide to caring for a wig

 The hardest part about a wig is maintenance (Photo: Courtesy)

Good hair doesn’t just happen. Especially if it is bought hair. For you to pull it off as if it is growing out of your scalp that means some work has to be put in.

Knowing how to take care of your wig can save you a lot of time and money. If you’re already a pro and know everything about wigs, from which type is the best to buy to proper maintenance, it’s pretty easy. But, if you’re still a beginner, it can be a frustrating journey.

If you’re just learning about wigs and are interested in knowing how to maintain them, you’re definitely on the right track. These important tips will keep your wig brand new for years which is basically giving you more value for your money.

Here is how you should properly care for your wig:

Keep it clean

Wigs can harbor so much dirt and bacteria if they’re not taken care of properly. They come into contact with dust, sweat, hair products and sometimes makeup, which can pile on your wig for a long time.

If this buildup occurs and you don’t take time to wash it well, you’re increasing the chances of experiencing breakouts and infections on your skin.

It can even cause your wig to look older than it is and shorten its lifespan as well.

 Be gentle when brushing your wig (Photo: Courtesy)
Store it properly

Storing your wigs properly is a huge saver when it comes to maintenance. You would hate to end up with a dusty, matted wig because it will take you a while to restore it and probably cost you some money too.

You should carefully brush your wig and place it back in its bag or hang it on a wig hanger. You can also create space where you can be placing your wig instead of just throwing it anywhere.

This will also help you in case you don’t want your pet or young kids playing around with your wig.

Maintain it the right way

Different types of wigs come with specific maintenance instructions. You shouldn’t rush to use the hair products and tools you would normally use on your hair because that might actually distort the texture of your wig entirely.

You should get the correct products for you wig and invest in a good hair brush rather than using any type of comb that could damage the fibers.

Handle gently

Whether you have a synthetic or human hair wig, you should handle it gently at all times. Rough handling can damage the lace and rip through the stands in your wig, which will reduce its longevity eventually.

Check how heat resistant your wig is if you intend to style with some heat, be careful when brushing it and don’t pull and tug on it roughly when wearing or taking it off.

A tip to remember is that if you’re planning to do something to your wig that you wouldn’t do on your own hair, don’t do it.

Stay away from strange hacks

When you’re a beginner, some of the places you go to for help is online hacks. This can go either way.

You will come across so many tips that are supposedly meant to help you handle your wig but actually, they may do more damage.

Before you decide to follow any hacks, do enough research first. You will be able to differentiate good tips from those that don’t help at all.

To avoid all this, just follow the instructions and stick to the information provided in the wig packs by the manufacturers.

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