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How to move a TV stand

Dining etiquette
 A fixed tv stand. All you need to do when moving the tv to another room is disassemble the stand. (PHOTO: COURTESY)

A TV stand is an essential element that can add style to the living room. It should be taken care of and ensured it fits in with the other furniture in the sitting room. Here are some key things you should consider when moving your TV stand:

Is your TV stand mobile?

Some TV stands come with wheels. If your TV isn’t very big, this can come in handy. It allows the TV to be easily turned around, especially if one wants to optimise the viewing position to reduce the glare. When transferring the TV between rooms, a mobile stand makes your work easier.

When it is fixed

If you have this kind of a TV stand, do not panic. All you need to do is disassemble the stand. With the help of another person, move the stand into a blanket to begin disassembling the whole unit. Then, use a screwdriver to remove any screws from the TV stand, beginning with the top, working your way down the unit to the legs or the feet. When disassembling it, make sure you have supported the pieces as you are unscrewing them so that they do not become damaged in the process.

What if you cannot disassemble the stand?

All you need to do is lay it onto a blanket and wrap it around the stand, then secure it with a tape until the tape comes into contact with the blanket. If its legs or feet get exposed, wrap them in a bubble wrap to avoid damage.

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