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Kitchen hacks for when you are tired of cooking

Cooking Tips
 Meal prep and have food at the ready (Photo: Shutterstock)

No matter how much you enjoy cooking, you may end up facing some times when you can't do it. During these seasons when your morale in the kitchen is in a ditch, you'll need to motivate yourself, because you can't sleep hungry. There are some workable hacks you can use in your kitchen to help you get upbeat, especially when you're sick of cooking. 

Prep in a single day

Meal prep is not limited to chefs of fivestar restaurants only. Actually, when you prep your ingredients and freeze or refrigerate the items, putting together a meal becomes super easy. One of the reasons we have low psyche in cooking is because the workload involved is a lot. To help you navigate this, cut your ingredients in a day that you may use for a whole week and plan them according to your weekly menu. 

Get takeout or delivery from local restaurants

 Eating out is a great way to take a well deserved break from the kitchen (Photo: Shutterstock)

Eating out is a great way to take a well deserved break from the kitchen. Furthermore, you get to enjoy well done food by people who take their time to make that meal good. Set some money aside which you can use once in a while to eat out. 

Buy pre-made meals

Pre-done meal kits are the in thing and you better try them out. They could range from pre-marinated meats, or precooked cereals,among others. Pre-made meals need a little time to finish cooking, mostly by frying shortly or popping up in the oven or microwave in minutes. They get to save up on time and you won't get bored going through a whole cooking process. 

Declutter your counters

 Keep your kitchen minimalistic by cleaning as you go (Photo: Shutterstock)

The more clutter you have, the more your mental clutter sets in. You are more likely to get bored with the cooking when you have unnecessary dishes all over, or have a huge pile of dirty dishes in your sink. Use the 'clean as you go policy' and ensure that you get your kitchen is minimalistic. 

Cook food that gets you compliments

One of the reasons behind our burnout is trying out cooking foods that we constantly fail in executing. At the end of it all, it leaves you bitter that your efforts go unrecognizable. Be kind to yourself and cook what you can, what you mostly enjoy and what other people value you most for. Forcing yourself on other trials will cause more harm than good. 


A relaxed cook is a better cook. Don't stress about your cooking and this or the other. This will lower your sense of burning out and may actually encourage you to spend more time in your kitchen.

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