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How to use beer in cooking

Cooking Tips
 As a rule of the thumb, use the beer which you'd normally drink (Shutterstock)

Beer is not only for drinking and can be used in the kitchen too. Fun, right? If you're a beer lover, incorporating it in your cooking is bound to make your life so much better for its earthy, fruity or nutty flavor in your meals.

There are two categories of beers, ales and lagers. For the ales, there is wheat beer, pale ale, porter and stout.

All these can be used. As a rule of the thumb, use the beer which you'd normally drink because if you don't like the flavor prior, you most likely will not like it when incorporated in your cooking.

You can use beer in making some of the following dishes and means.

Adding to soups

To get a better kick on your soups, some beer is necessary. Mostly common in onions soups, beer is put after the onions have slowly cooked for half an hour. A dash of the beer is put to seer continuously until the consistency is as desired.

For batter

Beer is used for lightening any batters that you have. If you're making fish fingers or onion rings, the batter which you'll coat in the ingredients is really sweetened by the beer. You can use a wheat beer since it is mild and will get the lightness needed.

On fish

Use beer in drizzling over fish. Opting for a herby type of beer helps more to bring out better flavour punches. Slice the side of the fish and drizzle then let sent for a few minutes then grill. Totally delicious!

In marinades

Want to take your marinade to the next level? Mostly used in red meat marinades, soak up the meat like you do when brining. The meat gets tender and packed with great taste. Don't worry, most of the alcohol evaporates when you're cooking.

In cakes

Ever heard of the chocolate beer cake? This is a super type of cake which is used by bakers worldwide.

Using stout beer in this like Guinness gives your cake richer color and a tang like no other. Just like coffee, the chocolate cake benefits from the beer addition in flavor.

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