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Hairdresser mistakes to avoid

Career Tips

For those who have had one hairdresser for many years, there must be a good reason. They have treated you well and offered professional service to you without a hitch.

However, if you are a hairdresser and your clients keep running away from you, then this article is for you. So as you work in the salon, correct the mistakes that I have to share so that you can boost your earnings and also grow your business.

• Whenever you make an appointment with a client, kindly keep it. When a client says she is coming to see you at 11am and you turn up at 1pm, you are setting yourself up for failure. Always adhere to your work schedule so that you are always available for your clients. Avoid making it difficult for your clients to book an appointment with you.

• I once overheard a hairdresser speaking ill of a client who had complained about her hairdo. Criticism is good since it allows you to enhance your skills and excel in customer service. Do not take criticism personally. A good hairdresser gives room for feedback from clients and even their bosses. As long as the criticism is constructive, listen to it and take the necessary measures.

• You should always look and act professional in your dressing and demeanour; this way, you will be respected and compensated accordingly. A hairdresser's business is to make clients look good. Dress neatly and decently and there should never be a 'bad hair day' for you.

• We all have personal issues but the moment you start involving your clients in your personal problems then you cross the border. It is none of your client's business if your man impregnated you and took off. Yes, be friendly and interact with your client; but don't burden them with your problems, they have enough of their own.

• Meeting your clients' expectations means your customer service is top notch. Otherwise, strive to ensure that you go an extra mile and you will be surprised by the results.

• Avoid being a 'prostitute' hairdresser who moves from one salon to the other. Not all salon owners are bad and your movement just reflects on the kind of hairdresser you are. If you are stressed at work and are considering moving to another salon, I would rather you try and find a solution with your boss. Misunderstandings are everywhere and finding a middle ground is the best way to go about it. If you, however, must leave, do not burn bridges. Leave in an ethical manner because you may need your boss as a reference in future or even to re-employ you.

• Your work ethic says a lot about you. What habit have you formed at your work place? Laziness, lateness and consistent absenteeism affect your professionalism. Value your clients' time, yours and the salon reputation. I hate it when a hairdresser stops to do my hair then picks her cell phone and chats for hours on end. Give your client your full attention when serving them.

• Stay pleasant and greet your clients with a caring attitude. Your people skills should be top notch for you to give even your new clients a great first impression.

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