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What is a cutting cake and what is its importance?

 Cake has always been the icing to commemorate different occasions (Photo: Shutterstock)

Cake has always been the icing to commemorate different occasions. We order cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings and to be honest, just to quench some cravings that have refused to leave. 

The reason why cake has been and will continue to be a party favorite is because it signifies unity. When you’re all in one room with your loved ones as the cake is being cut, it brings feelings of love, warmth and care for one another.

Wedding ceremonies in particular have always had a budget for cake, most of the time. These days, however, not everyone is interested in continuing all the aspects of wedding cake traditions. 

We’ve commonly seen huge cakes with multiple tiers but now you will find that couples are opting for other interesting desserts for their guests.

A new trend that is coming up is the use of cutting cakes as an alternative to this old way of celebrating a wedding.

Here is what you need to know all about it. 

What is a cutting cake?

A cutting cake is basically a small cake that a couple uses for their cake cutting ceremony.

This is for the couples who still want to experience the cake tradition without having to invest in a huge expensive one. instead of eating slices of cake, the guests are offered other desserts like cupcakes and ice-cream treats, which is something different from what we’ve always expected at weddings.

 A cutting cake is basically a small cake that a couple uses for their cake cutting ceremony? (Photo: Shutterstock)

Why is a cutting cake important?

For the simple reason that it allows the couple to experience a special, symbolic moment in the presence of their loved ones.

Cake cutting is something that has a deep meaning for a newly married couple. It represents many important aspects including their first activity as a married couple and their vow to support each other.

The ceremony has a certain procedure where the bride will hold the knife and the groom will place his hand over hers. Then, they will proceed to cut the cake carefully before placing the slice on the plate. Finally, they will feed each other, also as a way of solidifying their commitment and support for one another.

This is a momumental moment that no couple would want to miss. 

You get to customize your cake 

It’s often hard to find a middle ground when selecting a cake for you and the guests. For example, if you both don’t like a lot of sugar and want to give special instructions on how you’d want the cake made, you’re free to do so. You could also both want a specific type of vegan cake which you know others won’t necessarily like. 

With a cutting cake you have no worries. The cake is meant for just the two of you. 

You’re free to create a delicious masterpiece that you both love without stressing whether others will like it or not.


The cake is meant for just the two of you therefore you’re free to create a delicious masterpiece (Photo: Shutterstock)

You will have some cake saved for later

Aside from the cake cutting ceremony, there are other traditions that include saving some of the cake for a special occasion in the future like your first wedding anniversary, your first valentine’s day, the birth of your first child or any other event that’s dear to you as a couple.

This is something that you still want to experience together and that’s no hassle if you invest in a cutting cake.

You will have sentimental photos and videos

Cake cutting is also about capturing the beautiful moments during the event. A cutting cake is a modern alternative for you because it still allows you to have some wonderful memories of you cutting the cake and feeding each other as a married couple.

You won’t miss out on the dream of taking part in the cake cutting ceremony you’ve always wanted. Opting for a cutting cake is the perfect balance between a modern and traditional wedding so don’t hold yourselves back from having one.

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