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Six ways to save money on your honeymoon

 Start saving early and create a practical budget (Photo: Shutterstock)

Other than exchanging vows, the next step couples look forward to is the time they will get to spend alone. 

For those few days, you get to concentrate on each other without all the demands that real life has. Generally, every couple would wish for a huge, extravagant honeymoon but, that requires a serious financial commitment.

I know the thought of honeymooning on a budget takes all the joy away but trust me, you’ll be so excited to realize how much you have managed to save once you settle back into the real word.

If you want to know how you can save some coins and still have fun, try these six tips. 

Prepare your budget early

Saving early and creating a practical budget is a step that you shouldn’t miss. This budget will guide you on how much money you have to spend on transport, accommodation and other aspects of your honeymoon.

You’ll be able to notice when you’re overspending depending on how you organized your financial plans earlier and make the necessary adjustments quickly.

Without a budget, it’s easier to get carried away and spend carelessly.

Work with a travel agent

Hiring someone who has all the right connections could be one of the best moves you’ll make as a couple. They know how to search for the best discounts which you would have had a hard time managing on your own.

You might have to spend a little more hiring an agent but it’s all worth it at the end.

 Opt for walks or public transportation so as to save some money (Photo: Shutterstock)

Search for discounts

Take note of every single discount opportunity you can get. You’ll spot better ticket prices on one website as compared to another and rare offers on some hotels in the areas you’re looking to travel to.

Compare prices and book early to secure your spot.

In some cases, you might have to ‘remind’ them that you’re a newlywed couple on their honeymoon to nudge them into considering giving you discounted prices. Hopefully they will consider the fact that you’re just recovering financially after spending on a wedding. Fingers crossed!

Schedule your honeymoon wisely

Don’t be so fixated on certain dates for your honeymoon. You could be insisting on travelling at a time when you’ll be charged more for transport and accommodation when all you need to do is adjust your calendar.

Off season months will help you save more cash which is why you need to take advantage of those specific seasons if you really want to have a good time without financial strain.

 Decide on which specific meals you have at the hotel and eat out for the remaining meals (Photo: Shutterstock)

Skip the extravagance

Having a honeymoon on a budget is better than having no honeymoon at all. If you’re travelling, embrace using public transportation to move around, instead of using a cab every time you want to leave the hotel.

Basically, don’t force your finances to stretch beyond what they can manage at the moment. Focus on being happy that you’ve actually had the opportunity to travel and make the most of your time there.

The same applies if you’re not travelling. If you’re going for dinner, for example, don’t worry about buying a new expensive dress. Choose something you already have in your closet and enjoy your amazing honeymoon dinner date.

Eat on a budget

Don’t underestimate how quickly your budget can be overpowered by the meals you eat daily. The last thing you want is to get extra hotel bills before you checkout. 

To avoid this, have your meals outside the hotel instead of choosing the full board package. Or, decide on which specific meals you have at the hotel and eat out for the remaining meals.

Besides, eating out is actually a great way to familiarize yourself with the local culture because you get to taste local cuisines.

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