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Weekday or weekend: When should you consider for your wedding?

 Nowadays, when it comes to weddings, everything goes and nothing is written on stone (Photo: Shutterstock)

The first question you ask yourself when setting the date is whether you should have it on a weekend or weekday. The two options are distinctly different since they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You could be having a hard time deciding whether you want to go the traditional way and have a weekend wedding or try something new.

The good thing is, nowadays, when it comes to weddings, everything goes and nothing is written on stone.

Let us look at what you can expect on a weekday vs weekend wedding as you make your decision. 

You’ll have an easier time booking on a weekday

There is a high chance that the specific vendors and venues you want will be available if you choose a weekday. Weekends are usually filled with different events which will make it harder for you to secure a booking with the companies you want.

You will have less stress trying to come up with alternate plans because your first choice will have a more flexible schedule if you book them on a weekday.

 The best deals you could secure are hidden in weekday wedding plans (Photo: Shutterstock)

Most guests will be available on the weekends

Weekdays are usually reserved for work, school and daily family routines. Your guests are more likely to have tight schedules filled with meetings and work demands, which could possibly cause them to miss your wedding.

When a wedding is scheduled right in the middle of a busy week, you might have to expect many of your guests to cancel, unfortunately. 

On a weekend wedding, however, it’s easier for them to find free time because many will probably be off from work, school and other engagements on that day.

This is usually one of the main reasons weddings are reserved for the weekends.

Weekdays are better for your wallet

The best deals you could secure are hidden in weekday wedding plans. First, many popular venues have higher rates when there are many bookings which is typically the case during weekends.

Other than better charges at the venue, you could actually save more on other services like photography and catering. If your budget for the wedding is tight, a weekday wedding could be the perfect fit for you.

Guests are more likely to enjoy the party on a weekend

The highlight that every guest looks forward to in every wedding is the fun and joyful atmosphere. People want to dance and celebrate the new married couple in town without having to think about assignments or work the next day.

Notice the difference in the mood at a weekend wedding as compared to weekday wedding and you’ll see that people have more fun during the former. The type of crowd also matters but still, there is usually a huge difference in the overall mood.

On a weekday wedding your guests will find it hard to let completely lose as they have to face the reality of early morning the following day.

 Weekend weddings could give you more time with your loved ones (Photo: Shutterstock)

Weekday weddings are more intimate

Like myself, not everyone is a fan of big wedding celebrations with lots of guests. When you choose a date on a weekday, you have more freedom to only select those you exclusively want to be there for the hush wedding party.

Also, you won’t have to dig up a far-fetched story to explain those you would rather not invite and why they weren’t on the guest list. At least you’ll have a good excuse as to why you had to limit the list.

Weekend weddings give you more time with friends and family

Weekend weddings could give you more time with your loved ones especially those you haven’t seen in a long time. There’s no rush to wind everything up too quickly after the wedding is done and at least your guests know they have enough time to rest before resuming daily duties.

Well, that laid on the table it is not easy to make a final decision on which one you would prefer. They both have major pros, which makes it hard to settle on one. Think about it with your partner, weigh your options and make an informed decision from there.

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