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Why and how some women are capable of climaxing 100 times

Between The Sheets

There are some women out there who can have up to 100 orgasms at a time - but how is it possible? And can we all do it? Channel 4 documentary The Super Orgasm aimed to find out. With the help of a group of super-orgasmic volunteers, scientists carried out a series of tests to discover the science of the female orgasm, something they say has often been overlooked and never studied in depth.


·      The multiple orgasm is almost mythical, but some women can orgasm up to and over 100 times - this is known as a super orgasm.

·      One woman taking part in the study said: "When I have a super orgasm it feels like forever, it feels never ending."

·      Scientist say we know more about other planets than what's going on in the sexual brain

·      Volunteer Janette, 28, a web entrepreneur, said,” "I didn't know what the f**k it was, I felt like I was getting the life sucked out of me.”

·      The show told us that when a woman has an orgasm, her brain fires up in 30 regions, including those responsible for emotion, satisfaction and joy.

·      A surge of neurochemicals transfer signals from the brain through the nerves and to the genitals. The blood rushes to the vagina and clitoris, and the vaginal wall secretes beads of lubrication. This causes tension to build in the genitals and it's then released in pleasurable ways.

·      The ability to have super orgasms is a more relaxed attitude about sex,

So are super-orgasmic women less inhibited, more easily aroused, or are their brains simply wired differently to the rest of us?

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