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The benefits and dangers of waxing

 Have you ever considered going for a wax? (Photo: Courtesy)

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, we have many options to choose from. You can decide to choose the shaving blade way, tweezing or maybe even use an electric trimmer.

A common route that people often go for besides using disposable shaving blades is waxing. It’s loved for a number of good reasons and it’s becoming the go-to method of hair removal for people who don’t want to do procedures like laser hair removal.

So what is it about waxing that gives its name such a buzz? And are there any risks we should be concerned about before booking an appointment or doing it ourselves at home?

Read on:

 The beauty of wax is that you will get an even result (Photo: Courtesy)


It saves time

Waxing can really help you save so much time. The time you spend trying to carefully shave or tweeze every hair can be cut by half just by choosing to wax.

Whichever type of waxing style you use, you will spend less time as compared to any other method. And the best part is that hair grows back slower which means you won’t have to redo the process so often.

It gives more even results

Very few hair removal methods can get the job done as well as waxing. With shaving blades, you can miss a couple of spots which is quite embarrassing if it’s an exposed area. And other methods like using shaving creams might work well but who wants to smell like chemicals after shaving? Not me.

The process of waxing removes hair from the roots and it also covers a bigger surface better. You will no longer have any worries that you’ve left any hairs behind.

You get an exfoliation as a bonus

Waxing is like a buy one get one free offer. You remove those hairs that you don’t want plus the dead skin cells along with them.

How it works is, that the layer of wax settles on the top of the skin and as it’s pulled it removes the hair and dead cells for a clean glow.

It’s not as effective as doing a proper exfoliation but at least it actually works.

 If waxing isn't done by a professional it could lead to burns and ripped skin (Photo: Courtesy)
No more cuts

The worst thing about shaving with a blade or scissors is the cuts. Every time you’re shaving you have to worry about cutting yourself by mistake, which can also leave behind dark scars.

Although waxing has its weaknesses, it saves you from these worries. It’s generally simple to do and you can avoid any injuries if it’s done the right way.


It can lead to wax burns and injuries

The most common issue with waxing is the risk of burns and ripped skin. This can happen if you try to do the procedure yourself without following the correct instructions or when you get it done by someone with no experience at all. And sometimes, things can just go wrong unexpectedly.

Either way, it still helps to get it done by a professional. If you choose to do it at home, you have to be sure that you’re doing the right thing to avoid this.

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