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Anytime is tea time...even in your beauty routine


Tea is a daily staple in many cultures. Aside from its high antioxidant properties, it helps in maintaining a healthy weight and supporting the brain. A hot cup of tea serves many purposes including calming one after a hectic day.

Here are some ways for you to incorporate tea into your beauty routine.

1. Black tea – fights free radicals thereby contributing towards a youthful complexion. Use it to soothe sunburn. The tannin in tea helps energise and repair chafing and burned skin. It also works as a calming aftershave. Its mild antiseptic properties helps to soothe bumpy skin.

2. Green tea – Green tea is an unparalleled antioxidant and gentle circulatory stimulant. Use it as a wake-me-up toner in the morning especially when feeling tired. Place two green tea bags in a cup of boiling water.

Let it cool and then keep in the fridge. It will stay fresh for a week. This toner is great for soothing puffy eyes after a rough night. You can find innovative ways to use green tea. It is effective in lightening dark circles, as an anti-aging mask, and as a moisturising facial wash when combined with black soap.

3. Chamomile tea – Chamomile is soothing, antiseptic and calming for tired, itchy or angry skin. Conditions like eczema, extreme dryness and rashes benefit from chamomile. This tea is best used as a relaxing toner. After cleansing or a facial scrub, use cotton wool to dab onto your skin in a downward motion. This will enable the pores to absorb the chamomile tea better.

It is recommended you apply it within 10 seconds of cleansing, especially combined with a steam treatment or the steam from the shower.

4. Turmeric tea – Turmeric tea can be made using powdered turmeric and hot water. However it is best made using freshly grated turmeric. Boil this for at least 20 minutes, with or without ginger. Drink the infusion for best results, then sieve and use the leftover grated turmeric as a base for a face mask. Mix with yoghurt, egg white, or cream. You may add a small amount of flour to bind it. Let sit on your skin for a few minutes then rinse with cool water.

5. Rooibos tea – When you have had your cup of plain rooiboos tea, tear the tea bags and mix the contents with honey and apply onto your skin as a mask. High in antioxidants, this tea is a powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating compound.

6. Neem tea – For athlete’s foot and similar fungus infections, a neem tea soak for 20 minutes daily will help to alleviate the itching. To make it more effective, add a few drops of tea tree oil and some epsom salts.

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