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Won't leave the house without make-up? Research shows you're far from alone

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Just one in 14 women would go without make-up while many even wear it at the gym

Just one in 14 women would go without make-up, a study has found.

The poll found most women wear make-up for more than 60 years of their life, with lipstick and mascara voted the beauty tools they cant live without.

The survey of 1,000 women by George at Asda to mark World Lipstick Day on Thursday, found more than one in four of those under 30 even wear make-up at the gym.

The research shows that just seven per cent of British women are brave enough to go barefaced every day.

The survey also revealed that 73 per cent of women start wearing make-up between the ages of 12 and 17.

But perfectly applied cosmetics isn't to impress the men, according to the survey, as just one in 20 women (five per cent) are worried about their partner seeing them without make-up.

Tools of the trade also differ with age; eyeliner, lipgloss and highlighter are popular amongst younger women, while lipstick, mascara and eye shadow are the favourites of women over 60.

Gemma Rutter, cosmetic buyer for George, said: "Its amazing to think that for 93 per cent of women, putting on make-up in the morning is as natural as getting dressed."

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