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Choosing the perfect hairstyles for your face

 Nothing is more stressful  than choosing a hairstyle (Photo: iStock)

You can always decide on a hairstyle depending on your personal preferences. But if you want to level up, it would be wise to find out what exactly looks good on you.

This hair secret isn’t complicated at all, which is good news. If you follow these tips, you will know the best way to rock your hair:

Discover the shape of your face

This is the first and most important tip on this list. In fact, your face shape is also what guides you when doing makeup looks as well.

You can simply follow instructions on how to know for sure what your face shape is online. People often assume that they’re a certain face shape when they’re actually in a whole other category so this will help you be more confident when choosing your styles.

 The best way to know what works for you is to experiment with different styles (Photo: Pinterest)
Learn from celebrities with similar features

All of us would love to book a consultation with a celebrity stylist but that’s not always possible. However, you can get answers to some of your questions for free by analyzing celebrities who have your face shape.

By the time they found their signature look, they went through a long process. There’s a professional who analyzed their face shape and features and you might benefit by looking at what options might look perfect on you as well.

Experiment with different looks

You don’t always have to stick to the rules because it’s never that serious. Enjoy the process of finding what works for you by trying out different lengths, parts and techniques.

If you don’t want to put your own hair through a lot, you can just buy wigs or weaves and take note of the ones that got you the most compliments and the ones you love most.

 You don't have to do an exact style as a celebrity, you can customise it to suit your personality (Photo: Pinterest)
Know your skin tone

Apart from learning about your face shape, it’s also a good idea to know what would match your skin tone. This is important when you’re braiding, weaving or dyeing your hair in interesting colours because now you will be aware of particular shades that look good on you.

You can even go as deep as finding out your undertones. This will give you more details on the particular tone you should go for when choosing your hair colour.

Customise your styles

The final detail to this list is understanding how to highlight your specific features, which are unique to everyone.

If you have areas like bald spots and thinning sections that you would like to hide, you need to take time to learn how you can trick the eye a little bit.

Similarly, if you want to highlight features on your face like your eyes, customize whatever hairstyle you’re choosing to emphasize that area instead of going for those that might hide that like full bangs.

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