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Six weight-loss friendly foods you should try

 Losing weight can be a daunting process that shouldn't be with the right foods (Image: Shutterstock)

 Losing weight is not as easy as most people try to make it out to be. There are moments of weakness, regress, hunger pangs not to mention temptations all around us.

Before starting on a weight loss journey you will not only need a work out plan but also a meal plan to help you get through this period.

So if you are planning to start on that diet and have no idea where and how to begin, do not fret, here are some weight-loss friendly foods you should incorporate to your diet during this transition:

Whole eggs

Most people prefer to take the egg white alone but whole eggs are quickly making a comeback. They are more nutritious and satiating especially when taken for breakfast. That being said you are less likely to feel hungry quickly before another main meal.

Leafy greens

We are talking greens like spinach, kale and many others. They perfect since they are extremely low in calories and carbohydrates but fully packed with fibers. So how about that salad now? The easiest way to eat your leafy greens is to make a salad, it is faster and it will retail all its nutrients.

Unprocessed meats

True meat has a bad reputation when it comes to your dietary needs but this shouldn’t be the case. Processed meats may be harmful to your health but unprocessed lean meats aren’t and they are highly packed with the proteins you need.

Boiled potatoes

You might love your potatoes baked or dipped in oil but for your dietary needs the better option is having your potatoes boiled. Potatoes are rich in potassium that play a major role in blood pressure control and having them boiled will keep you full for longer.


It’s all about getting all the proteins you can get and with beans it’s a sure bet. Beans are rich in proteins and fiber; a property that helps you stay full for longer without craving calories. The best part is that beans are affordable and readily available.


Some people don’t take avocados because they contain fats but avocado fat is actually good fat. The fats are actually monounsaturated which helps lower bad cholesterol. So the next time you are thinking of making a smoothie or that salad, think avocados.

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