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Seven beauty mistakes to stop making this year

 It’s time to start a fresh and level up your beauty game (Shutterstock)

This new year, we are saying no to common beauty mistakes. No more clowning!

There's no way we should allow ourselves to keep doing the same things over and over again when clearly there needs to be a change.

If you feel like you have been doing something wrong and walking around looking silly, you probably have. If we can be honest here.

So, it’s time to start a fresh and level up your beauty game so that you can be the best version of yourself.

To help you undo your past beauty mistakes check how often you still do these things and bin these outdated habits away.

Wearing the wrong shade of lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of every makeup look. It’s one of the most conspicuous areas because it immediately draws attention in.

If the shade you're wearing is the correct one, it complements everything else.

But if it’s the wrong shade, it does quite the opposite.

To find the correct colour for your complexion, you need to do some research on which specific shades match your tone.

If you want red lipstick for example, find out which specific shade of red will look good on you, whether it’s a neutral red or a fire engine shade.

Touching your face all the time

Touching your face has been a big no since the pandemic started. It’s one way you can end up contracting the virus-as claimed, and it’s something we’re all struggling adjust to.

Aside from increasing your risk of getting sick, touching your face transfers a lot of bacteria from your hands to your face. That means more breakouts and skin infections.

Start training yourself to avoid touching your face all the time unless you're certain that your hands are clean.

 If you feel like you have been doing something wrong, you probably have (Shutterstock)
Going overboard with DIYs

Everybody loves a good DIY project. Personally, I’m a fan of them too because I get excited every time, I try something out for the first time on my own.

DIYs are fun but not everything is suitable for this kind of thing. Some projects for instance should be left to the experts because the last thing you want is to end up with disastrous outcomes.

If you're not a pro in hair dyeing, complicated skin care treatments or anything that could seriously backfire, do yourself a favor and leave it alone.

Overdone eyebrows

Your brows could literally make or break your whole look. For that reason, you should watch out for some of the common brow mistakes like over-plucking, highlighting with the wrong concealer shade, overdrawing them or using the wrong brow gel or pencil shade.

The worst of them all is getting them tattooed by inexperienced artists. Ladies please stop! Before you rush to get them tinted or tattooed, make sure the artist has a good number of positive reviews.

Otherwise with the brows, just keep it as simple and as natural as you can.

Ignoring your hair health

These days, it’s trendy to have one hairstyle today and have it changed tomorrow.

There is a lot of hype on having the latest extensions which is okay but how many people actually give the same attention to their actual hair?

Your hair needs to breathe and be treated so that it can thrive. Always take care of your hair and do styles that help protect it.

Going crazy with bronzer and highlighter

Adding a bit of shimmer to your face or body truly makes you stand out. It breathes some extra glow and life to your face beat we get it.

However, there are times when you might find yourself doing way too much with these shimmer products especially when applied in poor lighting. Avoid transforming yourself into a walking disco ball by applying these sparingly.

Being rough with your skin

A good skin care regimen should include the right routine and the appropriate products for your skin. But one thing that’s often forgotten is how we actually handle our skin on a daily basis.

Your skin is delicate and should be handled gently.

Be careful whether you’re applying your skin care products, massaging or exfoliating.

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