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Signs you're self-sabotaging your relationship

Have you heard your partner saying you're too much to deal with? (Shutterstock)

There are many things that bring a relationship to its knees. Unsurprisingly, you could be one of the major factors leading to this.

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Constantly self-sabotaging your relationship weakens the bond between you and your partner, tossing your relationship from on to off.

This emotional torment is a storm which can be calmed only with a level of commitment. Here's how to actually realize that your relationship is under the choking of your self-sabotage.

You fail to allow your partner to speak openly

Openness is a key ingredient in any successful relationship. If you're in a relationship where you're always making your partner feel horrible for expressing themselves, then you're self-sabotaging your relationship.

For instance, your partner may want to express how they feel for your lateness to a date. Instead of listening, you start blaming them as the reason why you are late and even telling them that they are overreacting.

Instead, you end up making the other person feel undervalued, as if their emotions mean nothing to you.

You're too controlling

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This often comes from your consistent thoughts of thinking that your partner is not by your side.

You'll constantly find yourself so frustrated and jealous, and your only resort being to control your partner. By this, you limit their networks, you don't recommend that they meet up with friends or get themselves something of their choice.

Ultimately, this will fail to go well with your partner and they will feel greatly constrained by your demands and lack of sensitivity.

Self-sabotaging is a ticket to your relationship's downfall (Shutterstock)

You bring too much drama

Have you heard your partner saying you're too much to deal with? One moment you're taking your partner through this, the next minute, the emotional roller-coaster is out of this world.

You're always fighting, hurling insults or even causing unnecessary pressure on your relationship.

Relationships don't thrive with an increase but a decrease in drama. Too much of drama will only pull your relationship behind a great deal.

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You ghost out when things get serious

Probably you're finally supposed to meet your partner's relatives or go to that place you've saved for a while now.

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When the D-day is here, you coil back to your shell and make your partner feel so hurt by not showing up or declining to actually participate.

This puts your relationship in a precarious situation where your partner will feel neglected and not taken seriously.

Moving away from the important issues cuts off the legs of your relationship's progress.

You have sex with other partners

Unless you're in a polyamorous relationship, it goes without saying that when you sleep around it harms your relationship to the core.

Cheating on your partner whether, emotionally or physically, is a clear sign that you're not taking your relationship seriously. If anything, it's more like giving yourself to another person who is not part of the relationship.

A lack of commitment to your relationship is a clear self-sabotaging sign.

Self-sabotaging is a ticket to your relationship's downfall. Trying to figure a way to navigate around these destructive habits should assist you become a better person and partner. 

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