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Hygiene tips on how to handle baby products

Scrub the baby bottles with a bottle brush to remove any residue (Shutterstock)

When my neighbours got their child, it seemed like everything in their house had to be cleaned on a daily basis. All this was new to me, let alone thinking that it was a complete waste of time. However, it wasn’t anymore learning how parents let their children suffer in the hands of amoeba, cholera, and skin infections, all because of improper hygiene. Other than washing the baby, there are ways you need to handle its things in the house. Here are some tips:

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Bottles and other utensils

Milk spoils very fast especially when not refrigerated. Once your child's feeding ends, clean any milk that could be left in the bottle as this can be room for bacterial growth.

Make it a practice of washing the milk bottles and the baby utensils separately from other household items. Wash with warm water so as to sterilise.

For the baby bottles scrubbing them with a bottle brush will go a long way in removing any residue first. Be sure to do this after every feed so as to protect your baby from infections.

Changing mat

You may have heard that one of the main times for washing one's hands is after changing the diaper. Aside from discarding a soiled diaper well, you are also meant to ensure that you sanitize the changing mat. You can use antiseptic wipes or an alcohol based sanitizer to clean the mat.


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A baby's clothes need to be cleaned on a daily basis. With all the sweat, milk and food stains, storing them dirty even for a day is a breeding ground for bacterial growth. The clothes should be properly washed, well aerated, dried and stored without any dampness.

The baby's clothes should be properly washed, well aerated, dried and stored without any dampness (Shutterstock)


Your kids may be washing their hands, eating well cooked food and still get sick from their toys and surfaces they touch. It is not uncommon to spot a previously white doll looking all black with dirt and stains.

Cleaning and sterilising the toys can go a long way in having and maintaining a healthy home. Be sure to do it twice a week as toys tend to store a lot of dirt and consequently germs.

Bath tub

It is easy to assume that because the bathtub is in constant water exposure, it is a clean place. That is so far from the truth. Bathtubs accumulate a lot of slime and deposits especially if you are using hard water.

Constant scrubbing of the bathtub is important, as well as sterilisation with an antiseptic rinse after use.

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As a precaution, avoid sharing the baby's bathtub and washing buckets.

Maintaining top notch hygiene practices when you have a baby in the house is your assured health cover as most infections are avoided by following these hygiene tips.

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