Evewoman : My word: Can history help us through uncertain times?

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My word: Can history help us through uncertain times?

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In uncertain times, what did those who have gone before us do?

One thing human beings do when they don’t know what to do is to turn to history.

They look back at what other people did when they were in their shoes.

And such is a time when many people don’t know what to do.

Apart for a handful of people, the rest have never experienced a pandemic in their lifetime.

And among the handful, none will remember what happened.

And so this makes things even more uncertain. That we have to turn to books and folklore to learn what happened 100 years ago.

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What did they do? How did it all pan out? How in the world did they get through this?

We seek the answers to these questions and more every day.

In our careers, in our businesses, in our studies and even in our spiritual and romantic lives.

And the answer always seems to be the same.

Listening. Understanding. Preparing. Hoping. Believing.



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