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Eight swimming pool hygiene tips you need to know

Swimming is a good way to tone the body, lose weight and relieve stress (Shutterstock)

Other than ice cream, a hot day calls for a dip in the pool, or for the lucky few, a swim in the sandy beaches, to cool off.

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This is a great way to spend time with friends and family with some good added benefits. Swimming is actually one of the best ways to tone the body, lose weight and relieve stress. It is a way to let loose and let the child in you come out.

But before you jump into the pool, there are some crucial pool hygiene tips you need to know.

  1. Take a quick shower

It’s important to rinse your body before entering the water. Some facilities even have poolside showers so that you can wash up before you swim. It’s an essential part of personal hygiene because you avoid bringing sweat or dust into the water. This is a way of being considerate of the fact that other people are sharing the pool with you. Therefore you should at least rinse well with some soap before you enter the pool.

  1. Wipe off your makeup

It’s better to wipe off your make up before swimming or even better, go makeup free that day. It can be a disaster when it’s not waterproof because it’ll melt off easily once you’re in the pool. And even when it’s waterproof, chlorine mixes with the chemicals in the makeup causing dryness and breakouts. Why go through all that stress when you could just skip on the makeup before going for a dip?

  1. Use the bathroom

Always use the bathroom beforehand because it’s very risky to pee in the water. The compounds found in urine actually mix with chlorine to form toxic gases. When these gases are inhaled, they could potentially cause respiratory problems. Urinating in the pool is more serious than you think so stop doing it, if you still do.

As a parent, ensure your kids are ready for the pool (Shutterstock)
  1. Don’t swim if you have a skin infection

If you’re recovering from a skin infection, avoid swimming. This is something to consider because the chlorine could aggravate the infection and make it worse. Also, you have to take responsibility and avoid putting others at risk, especially if it’s something contagious. You just have to wait until you make a full recovery before you go swimming.

  1. Don’t swim if you’re nursing open wounds

Similar to swimming with a skin infection, you should avoid doing so when you have open wounds. This is very unhygienic for yourself and for others sharing the pool with you. Your wound will become infected making this a terrible idea to swim during such a time.

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  1. Don’t swallow the pool water

Pool water is full of many disgusting things. There is sweat in there, people’s hair products and so many other things that are super gross. You can imagine how much bacteria you’d be consuming if you sip that water. When you’re under water, keep your mouth closed to prevent consuming all sorts of things.

  1. Shower after swimming

Don’t let the chlorine sit on your skin and hair for long after your swimming session. This is a potential for infections or irritations when the chlorine dries on the surface of your skin and your hair will break and dry out as well. Just use the showers in the changing rooms immediately after swimming or hop into the shower when you get home. Ensure you use enough soap and shampoo to get all the chlorine out.

  1. Prep your kids

If you’re a parent and you’re going for swimming with your kids, it’s your responsibility to ensure they are ready for the pool. Remind them to rinse before and after, use the washroom before or take a bathroom break if they need to, and only take them for swimming if they have recovered from wounds or skin infections. If you’re swimming with a baby, wipe them down well before dressing them in a swimming nappy.

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