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Six things you need to get rid of from kitchen

Sometimes being too attached to our kitchenware is what encourages clutter (Shutterstock)

You are not alone in the daily struggle of decluttering your kitchen. When you think you've removed all you don't need, things that seemingly come from nowhere, pile up again and leaves you with a kitchen that has too much than what it needs. To help you escape this maze, here are some things that you need to check constantly and consider removing completely from your kitchen.

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Expired food

What's that smell? It's close to the limburger cheese one. So stinky, you keep sniffing from one drawer to another just to get to know what is smelling. How constant you check expiry dates matters since often your pantry or kitchen drawers get filled with things that are long overdue. If you make it a habit of double checking what you have left before doing shopping afresh, you'll save money, space and be sure not to get food poisoning.

What you use once

There is that one gadget that you may have bought from peer pressure, or impulsively. Years later, you find it in its box, nearly new as you've only used it once- during the test run. There's absolutely no need to have it lying around your kitchen since it serves no purpose. Don't start getting reasons why you need it, and give it away or store it elsewhere.

Purpose to replcae youer old dishclothes oftenly (Shutterstock)

Old dishcloths

You've visited homes where they serve great food then when it's time to clear the table after the meal, the dishcloths are horrific. Some may even have some pungent smells. If this home sounds like yours and not your neighbours, it's time you got rid of the embarrassing dishcloths from the kitchen.

Take out giveaways (salt and pepper sachets)

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In most cases when you order take outs, you'll get additional salt and pepper sachets, extra forks and knives on top of what you already have in your kitchen. These contribute to a huge chunk of clutter in your kitchen. The truth is, you won't use all those condiment sachets crowding your space. Dispose them right away, since you will get a fresh batch in your next take out.

Let go of the attachment and rid your kitchen of cracked glasswear (Shutterstock)

Chipped or cracked glassware

A good number of us are guilty of not willing to let go of chipped glasses. However truth is, they are just taking being sentimental too far. Don’t lie to yourself that you'd glue them up, throw them away and get new sets. Attached as you may be, cracked glassware only gives room to dangerous items which could break anytime or even cause injury.

Duplicate cooking tools

Why would you need two spatulas in your drawers when you only use one at any given time? Some items in the kitchen are in duplicate or triplicate form yet they may not be used. To have a functional kitchen, only keep the things you use in the kitchen drawers. This saves you the time you go through the stacks of utensils looking for something and ensures you keep track of the status of your utensils.

Sometimes being too attached to our kitchenware is what encourages clutter. Purpose to be intentional in cleaning and only having the necessary.

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