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Tips to help you express yourself better

To improve your communication, you need to be confident (Shutterstock)

Expressing oneself clearly is not as easy as ABC to some. You could be limited by negative self- talk and choose to isolate yourself or have social anxiety. All in all, you are an important person and the world awaits your input. Here is how to improve your communication and be able to express yourself confidently.

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Journal your thoughts

If you constantly lack the words to say even when a lot is running through your mind, writing can aid. It creates an outlet where you can systematically express your thoughts and feelings.

This method of recording ensures that you learn to let it out instead of locking everyone in. When you will be ready to speak about the issue affecting you, you may scan your journal to the person or go through your points fast then say them. The beauty of journaling is that you do not forget what you have recorded.

Be mindful of your emotions

Expressing oneself is not only about the words but greatly about how you do it. To be a better communicator, be in touch with your feelings to understand what you are going through.

If you are too angry at a particular time, it may be better to catch yourself before saying something you may regret. If too excited, you may share distorted information. The five counts rule applies, where before talking, you should count to five as you ask yourself whether you should do it.  Being in touch with your emotions will make you a better speaker.

Always value your opinion

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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to express it, you have to believe in it first. Knowing that your thoughts and ideas matter helps in expressing oneself. It is a practice of confidence since you are able to speak your mind.

If you do not speak, you should forever hold your peace and not cry over it afterward. Even if you are a minority, value yourself enough to share your take.

You can become a great communicator by embracing yourself (Shutterstock)

Be true to yourself at all times

What do you feel having not expressed yourself? Is it guilt? Do you feel relieved after sharing your idea irrespective of how the results may come about?

To be better at communicating, you have to acknowledge your feelings and stop being afraid of what others may say. When you allow your opinions to be only based on how others view you and their expectations, you may end up living a life of pretense. In due time, you get tired of living a lie and only want to express yourself freely.

Increase your knowledge and be more interesting

If you want to be confident at that party or meeting you are attending, knowing some interesting topics can help. This will act as great icebreakers when starting a conversation or speech. Go ahead and learn some jokes or plug in into the news.

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Having some history can also help and give you content. As you use these, pop in your ideas to flow and watch yourself have a pleasant conversation.

Deal with your insecurities

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You may be feeling like you do not deserve a seat at the conversation table simply because you have something you dislike in you. It can be something to do with your body image or lack of certain abilities. When you learn new things and start loving your body, self-worth will come automatically. At no point will you feel insecure or think that someone will ridicule you once you express yourself.


Being comfortable in your own skin allows you to share the same to everyone else. You can become a great communicator by embracing yourself, understanding yourself and showing the world what you’ve got.

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