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Kitchen gadget: Self-heating butter knife

 It is a handy kitchen gadget that needs no batteries or electricity (Photo: Amazon)

A butter knife is sharp-pointed dull-edged, with an almost round oval shape. It is used to serve out pats of butter from a butter dish. Most people store their butter in the refrigerator, making it a hard spread if used right away. Running late or just in a rush to get done with breakfast (it is recommended to take your time when eating especially breakfast, the most important meal of the day). Spare yourself the struggle of chipping away at your butter. The self-heating or warming butter knife is designed to help you shave off curls of butter by gently drawing the serrated edge on your block of butter. The knife works by transferring your body heat onto the knife edge to curve and spread cold butter.

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One edge of the knife is serrated for shaving off curls of butter and the other edge smooth for spreading it on your toast. It is a handy kitchen gadget that needs no batteries or electricity. It is made from heat conducting technology that utilizes body heat. Cuts through cold butter with a snap. We found one on Amazon.

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