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Seven ways self-love will change your life

Self-love is the conscious decision to put yourself first (Photo: Shutterstock)

Self-love is the conscious decision to put yourself first, take care of and appreciate yourself.

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Many of us struggle with showering praise on ourselves arguing that by doing so we are being selfish. There is nothing selfish about loving yourself. What self-love does is highlight your whole self, strengths and weaknesses, transforming it for the better.

1. Boosts your confidence

When you embrace your flaws and strengths, you become unshakable. Your confidence is higher as you tend to believe in yourself more. It means you will start carrying yourself with higher esteem than before. Attacks from outsiders have no impact on you.

2. Stops you from comparing yourself to others

Many times we are made to think that other people have it better than us. This is mostly catalysed by the competitive age we live in. When you love yourself, you get contented with what you have. What others own or have accomplished serves to motivate and not discourage you.

3. You practice positive self-talk

Ever heard of, ‘whether you think you are right or are wrong, you are right’? What we tell ourselves is what we become. Practicing self-love teaches you learn to focus on the positive side of life even when you are going through tough times. Your dealings with others are also geared toward the positive rather than the negative. Remember that when you give out positive energy you will attract the same.

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It helps you value your goals helping you work towards them (Photo: Shutterstock)

4. You stop trying to please others

Living your life for the approval of others will leave you with nothing but regret, take you away from your true self and keep you from achieving your goals.

When you love yourself, what others think of you stops being a factor in your decision making. You start owning your decisions, you take criticism well acknowledging that others will always have a different opinion on how you should live your life. 

5. Improves your health

An important aspect of loving yourself is taking care of your body. This entails eating healthier, exercising regularly and quitting substance abuse. Ultimately, your health starts to blossom again making you happier, more confident and better able to achieve your dreams. After all, health is wealth.

You learn to celebrate others' achievements instead of comparing your life to theirs (Photo: Shutterstock)

6. You become empathetic and compassionate

Love is the beginning of forgiveness. Self-love enables you to forgive the mistakes you have made in the past. You stop self-sabotaging or wallowing in self-pity. When you become so attune with yourself, you become more understanding of others, forgiving their mistakes like you would your own and avoiding habits like pulling them down to make yourself look better.

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7. You attain your true dreams

Self-love helps you see the validity of your dreams, respecting them just as you would those of others. It pushes you to work towards your goals which in turn will see you living a fulfilling life and not one full of regret.

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Remember that you cannot expect others to love you if you don’t love yourself first.

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