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#MCM: Tedd Josiah, an inspirational #GirlDad

Today, we celebrate the phenomenal #GirlDad, Tedd Josiah

In the spirit of the #GirlDad movement, today we celebrate the phenomenal #GirlDad, Tedd Josiah. 

Tedd Josiah has been a #ManMom, as he refers to himself, since October 2017. His late wife, Regina Katar, sadly passed away after an illness, leaving behind a beautiful baby girl, Jay. Since then, Tedd has been a hands-on single parent, dedicating himself to his role in his daughter’s life.

Tedd wanted to carry on Regina’s legacy, so he created an African luxury leather bag brand, which was a dream of hers.  He quit his job and created ‘Joakjok’. This is why Tedd Josiah is this week’s #MCM.

Ted has been rasing Jay on his own from when she was just three months old
We applaud Tedd for his unwavering love for his daughter and his hands-on style of parenting 
Tedd has had to take on a challenging responsibility, and so far, he has proven his strength 
Every #GirlDad around the world needs to show their daughters this same love and appreciation
Jay always has a wide, beaming smile on her face. This definitely means that Tedd is acing fatherhood!
There is no safer place to sleep than in your dad's arms
Kudos to Tedd for being an excellent #ManMom!

(Images: Instagram - @teddjosiah)

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