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Couple told marriage 'has no chance of survival' after 'petty' wedding demand

They wanted to insert a very specific clause in the contract with their wedding photographer (Image: Shutterstock)

Every couple is allowed a little leeway on unreasonable wedding demands ahead of their big day.

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One pair of soon-to-be newlyweds seem to have taken it one step too far after inserting a ridiculous clause into the contract of their wedding photographer - leaving hundreds of others to point out just how bonkers it is.

In an email shared online with the subject 'wedding question', the message reads: "Hello. My fiancé and I are looking for a wedding photographer but are having some issues with the contracts we are coming across.

"We want a clause that guarantees us a refund should we ever get divorced, since we would not need the photos in that situation.

"Please let me know if this is something you have in your contract or would be willing to add.

"Thank you."

They said they had 'issues' with the contracts they had come across (Image: Shutterstock)

After the email was shared on Reddit, it racked up more than 1,000 comments from other users baffled at the logic behind the request.

Some were quick to point out how flawed the whole thing was, with one writing: "Everyone who attends the wedding and gives a gift should get the gift back or a refund. Where's that clause?"

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Another posed the question: "If I don't get a job in the field I majored in, can I get my tuition refunded?"

A third wrote: "I'm having trouble finding a restaurant which will guarantee me a refund in the event that I should get drunk and puke."

It didn't go down well (Image: Shutterstock)

Others pointed out it may be a worrying sign that they are preparing for divorce before even exchanging vows.

One replied: "Rule of thumb: if you're thinking about getting divorced before you even get married, then the person you're gonna marry isn't the right one."

A second wrote: "A marriage between people this petty has no chance of survival."

(Image: Shutterstock)

Another wedding photographer shared their own story of a bizarre request, saying: "One of the funnier emails I have gotten...

"'Hello. I just started dating this guy and I am hoping to get him to propose within the next year and get married within two years.

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"'How do I book you when I'm not sure when the wedding day is going to be?'"

"She got a second date and she's already planing the wedding."

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