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Issues that make parenting become challenging

Challenging parenting issuesRaising sober, well-grounded kids who will turn out to be responsible law-abiding citizens is no mean feat.

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I have only been a parent for five years, but I must confess it has been a bumpy ride. From the days of throwing tantrums, to days of being cheeky and acting a spoilt brat, I have done trial and error disciplining to bring baby girl to the path of obedience and humility.

Challenging as it may have been, most of the disciplinary issues Tasha has exhibited have been manageable. Maybe because she is still in her tender years and her personality and individuality is still shaping up.

A friend from church, who has two college-going boys, told me to enjoy that period while it lasts. Having raised two boys into sober adults, she has seen turbulence after turbulence and emerged stronger.

According to her, children will present an adult with many challenges, but there are some that can make a parent fall apart.

You may have read how to deal with all parenting challenges in a book, listened to experts but when your child breaks these particular bombshells, you can go berserk.

“Should I call the pastor, should I call my mother?” Your mind races 150km/hr as you figure out how to digest the new challenge your child has thrown at your feet.

Sample this: You are from church feeling blessed and thanking God for giving you two lovely kids who are now in their 20s. You get to the house and after settling in your usual sofa, your 20-something son tells you: “Mum, there is something I have been meaning to share with you,”

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“Go ahead son.”

“Mum, I think I’m gay.”

This is where the conversation stops and your blood pressure takes over.

Or worse still, sample this: “Mum, I am fed up with this life. I want to commit suicide.” Your boy is facing serious depression.

These are dreadful moments to any parent. Where do you start? Maybe the damage has already been done. This is when you turn to your pastor.

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