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How to deal with your family’s awkward relationship questions this holiday

Your family will always be obsessed with questioning your love life (Shutterstock)

It is the holiday season again and you have to rekindle your relationship with various members of your family, especially extended family members. It is that time to make up excuses for the Whatsapp messages you had ignored and the phone calls you ‘intentionally’ missed some time back in the year. But is that the worst part of the holidays? Think about the endless questions basically harassing you about your love life!

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To help you maintain your posture this Christmas, here are a few things you should to know as you try to find a way to deal with this awkward family situation.

They won’t stop asking when you’ll find a partner and settle down until you actually do

It is on you to explain to your family that it is ‘your liking’ that you be single. They need to understand that settling down isn’t only about when you do it but also who you do it with.

You can reassure them that you appreciate their love and that they should not rush you into a relationship before you are ready.

They will always [try to] set you up

Since they feel you should not be alone, your family members will try to hook you up. Well, this is quite open. If you are cool with it, you can go on the dates but if you don’t want to be set up, you have to set up boundaries. You need to let them know that piling pressure on you to settle down isn’t making it any easier, but only complicating it for you.

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They will keep bringing up your ex

If you have brought your partner to meet your family for the first time, it is embarrassing when they, your family, keep bringing up your ex every now and then. It would be prudent if you gave your family, beforehand, the limits within which to keep their small talk. Even if they say they are cool, listening to your family talk about your ex will sure make your partner uneasy, especially when they are doing it second after second.

They won’t stop asking why you broke up with your ex

We all don’t like talking about breakups that we have invested a lot on for us to heal. Breakups make us sad and letting your cousin constantly talk about your breakup and your ex isn’t cool. Simply tell them that asking or talking about your ex causes you more pain.

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