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Five reasons why he stares but never approaches you

He could actually have more questions running through his minds other than intimidation (Shutterstock)

As children, we were always told that staring is rude. Therefore, trying to figure out the meaning behind a grown man’s stare can be tricky. ‘Do I have something on my face?’ ‘Does he like me?’ ‘Does he think I’m ugly?’ So many questions can run through your mind when you look up to see a man gazing at you from across the room.

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What some ladies may not know is that most men who do this actually have more questions running through their mind. ‘Will she walk away if I walk up to her?’ ‘Will she think I’m ugly?’ ‘Does she have a boyfriend?’ Below, we discuss five possible reasons why he always stares at you but never approaches you.

  1. He is intimidated

He may be afraid to do anything beyond staring at you because he feels like the stakes are too high. This means that he feels inadequate, maybe even unworthy, to approach someone of your calibre. All he’ll end up doing is admiring you from a distance, until he hopefully gathers the confidence to make a move.  

  1. Past rejection

Some men who stare and never approach may have experienced past rejection from approaching a woman they initially admired from afar. The negative experience may have affected his confidence to approach women he does not know. Therefore, he will keep his distance, unless you give him a signal to approach you. If you are also interested in him, return the gaze and maintain eye contact, with a subtle smile. This will reassure him that history will not repeat itself.

Some could have experienced past rejection from approaching a woman they initially admired from afar (Shutterstock)
  1. He’s trying to figure you out

Such a man may simply be observing you, watching your mannerisms to get an idea of the kind of person you are and how you would react if he did approach you. He also wants to see how you interact with other people in order to gauge your personality and how you would interact with him.

  1. He’s taking his time

Rushing into a relationship with a person you barely know doesn’t always end well. When he keeps staring and yet doesn’t approach you, he doesn’t want to scare you off by coming on too strong. He also wants the green light from you before he approaches you to see if his feelings for you will be reciprocated.

  1. Something may actually be wrong

He may be staring at you because you actually have something on your face, or your hair looks crazy. Go to the nearest mirror and fix yourself up. If he’s still gazing at you, he’s definitely got a thing for you girl!

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