Evewoman : #WCW: Mwende Macharia queening on and off air

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#WCW: Mwende Macharia queening on and off air

Radio Queen Mwende Macharia

First things first, name one remarkable media personality oozing more energy and glam than Mwende Macharia. I’ll wait.

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Radio Queen Mwende Macharia hosts the number one afternoon radio show in Kenya- Konnect- on Radio Maisha. She has been on radio for 10 years having started in 2009 at Sheki FM.

When she is not lifting your spirits from 0 to 100 on radio, she is emceeing or busy inspiring youths on her foundation, Champs Foundation.

The mother of one is renowned for her exquisite fashion and her bubbly personality- you can hardly miss her if she is present at an event. Here are some of her dazzling looks:

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(All photos: Instagram @mwendemacharia)

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