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Woman dumps husband on day he is given five years to live - and has no regrets


A wife has spoken out about why she walked out on her husband when they heard he had just five years to live.

The anonymous blog poster said she had a two-year-old son when her husband was given his terminal diagnosis.

The 33-year-old immediately decided she did not want her child living in a home with a man who was dying and was doing nothing to help himself.

On the website Mamamia, the Australian mum explained she was the one who forced her husband - who smoked regularly – to visit the doctors after he coughed up blood.

She said: "I literally took my son inside and checked in at the reception desk as my husband had ‘one last one’ before coming in for his appointment about why he was coughing up blood.

"I was too forgiving. I was foolish. I discovered just how much, when the doctor told us what was wrong."

They were told he had stage 2 emphysema, and due to his history of smoking, he would go through all four stages fast.

She said: "My husband shrugged: 'Oh well, if it’s the end, I might as well keep smoking,' he joked."

The couple were told he would have a slow and painful death, needing an oxygen tank and losing circulation to his limbs.

The woman knew her husband blamed her for dragging him to the GP to hear the news, but she made her mind up in that moment.

She said: "As a mother, I knew in that moment I had to save my son. I was not going to have him growing up, watching me nurse his dad – who chose not to do a goddamn thing to help himself – deteriorating in front of him.

"This child, the only good thing in my marriage, didn’t deserve that life. And yes, to be honest, I was also saving myself.

"Call me a selfish b***h, but I had no intention of looking after a man who didn’t care enough about us to even occasionally wake up early for his son, let alone quit smoking so he could be around longer.

"Yes, call me selfish, but on the morning my husband was told he was going to die, I firmly believed he’d been incredibly selfish, too. It took me another few months – and horrible arguments – to leave, but eventually, I did."

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