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Why you shouldn’t wait for marriage

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Testing, testing 123, volume iko sawa?

Now before someone comes at me with a Biblical verse and a horse to transport me to Hell, chill for a sec and breathe. Being intimate with your partner before marriage isn’t the most horrific thing you can do as a human being. Just like everything else in this world, you have a choice on whether to wait for marriage or not and I'm here to tell you why you shouldn’t.

Picture this, you are thinking about buying a new car. You have the model in mind and you are sure that the car itself is for you. But before you empty out your bank account, you have to take it on a test drive. You sit in the car, feel around the interior, check if all the internal parts work and then you get to drive off. You decide to drive on the highway, speed tends to bring up various issues in a car. While on the highway, the car keeps losing power, the break is faulty, the indicators are cross, the general experience of driving the car isn’t enjoyable. So, you take the car back to the yard and decide to try another one.

See what I was trying to explain? Marrying someone and not knowing how well they handle themselves on the highway is too risky. What if they are faulty? What if you’re not compatible? What if the two of you are so out of sync the whole experience is disastrous?

This is why, ladies and gents, it is important to be intimate with your partner before getting married. Test the waters and see if you like what each of you has to offer. The longer you stay together, the better your sex life will be but before then, take a test drive.

The earlier you start the earlier you build your connection and understanding of each other’s needs. Imagine having to drive a faulty car for the rest of your life...the TRAUMA!

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