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MCM: Shinski Baby!

Lawd, this man...this man!!

Nyashinski is the reason why global warming exists. Uwongo mbaya! Lawd!

Where was I? Right, Shinski whose Governmental is Nyamari Ongegu is an award-winning, songwriting, temperature rising, insanity driving artist.

Having taken a break from the music industry a while back, he returned with a bang and we are all here for the destruction. Now the real question at hand is...is this man married? Ako na watoto? Does he want a second/third/fourth wife? We are a polygamous society after all. And if you are Shinski's woman, do you mind sharing? God said sharing is caring, I'm sure you are a God-loving woman. I declare myslef as a volunteer to carry his children and I shall do it with pride.

Lawd you're fine
This got me pregnant..I am with child
Imagine hiyo kitambaa isn't even a turn off
You got pretty eyes baby
I usually forbid shoes on furniture...but for you...
Yayeee! Just bury me already!!!
Dear Scientist, leave Mars alone, clone this man for us. Thanks
I like your sweat-shirt, wanna try it with me?
His smile can eradicate corruption in Kenya
I'd like to introduce y'all to my future baby daddy....

Dear co-wives, which picture of our husband shall we frame and put up in our individual houses?

Photos: Instagram @realshinski

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